Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#6 Information Overload...have you seen Inception?

Guess where we were today?

Joey got to help the Whitney's bale hay.

Brian is such a hard worker.

I love that Joey doesn't mind a little hard work either.

The kids and I raided their house while they were gone.

C.S. Lewis is a genius.

Gwen really wants to go to Paris because "that is where The Hunchback of Notre Dame was filmed." Haha...the cartoon. She also sang, "I'm only gonna break break your break break your heart..." under her breath while she colored and watched videos.

(No more radio for me I guess...her first impression of that song was that it was "really rude". I guess she got over that. It makes me wonder if my parents really did like Peter Frampton and Air Supply or if they only started listening to soft rock once we were old enough to sing the words to whatever they were listening to?)

After the hay was baled, the Whitneys took us to see Inception. It gave me a headache. And the popcorn gave me a tummy ache.

(Thanks for watching the kids Marinn!)

Wow...we get babysitters a lot.


Nat said...

We've completely changed the type of music we listen to because of our kids. Listening to a seven year old singing about getting drunk and making love to a woman twice his age isn't as funny as you'd think. Now we listen to Disney soundtracks, scriptures and books on CD. But, when no one else is in the car, I go back to the naughty stuff!!

Elyse & Dale said...

that's like 3 posts in a row where you got babysitters. sorry i totally ditched out last night...didn't mean to leave without even talking to anyone. i get in those moods sometimes. inception is awesome. one of my friends asked "who were those people your parents were with at the movie last night? one was really tall and the girl was short." now i know it was you guys

Loriannie said...

Dad really was into soft hits, so he didn't have to change. He will always be more righteous than I am. I sometimes miss KISS, ACDC, etc., but it is fun to play the 50's and 60's music for grandkids and they recognize it from shrek or the bee movie. Lexie was groovin' to "sugar sugar" on the way to my house, and "Dizzy".

Elaine Goold said...

Inception gave me a headache too! There was so much background noise - like a rumbling sound through the whole movie and so I couldn't hear the words. I thought it must be the theater or a bad sound system or something. Was there a lot of background noise when you watched it? I always liked soft rock the best: Carpenters, Mamas and the Papas, Air Supply, etc. Gary liked scary music that I couldn't stand. It sounded like noise to me. Our kids always liked his music better and made fun of mine.