Friday, August 13, 2010

#9 Cake

Today I made a cake...from scratch. Ok, I've done this before. But I thought it was an accomplishment that I had all of the ingredients I needed without any trips to the store.

I haven't made this specific cake before and I have a question....

It called for 4 egg whites stiffly beaten.

I am kind of impatient. I beat the eggs and they were white and I think they were getting there.

Well, I thought they WERE there, but when I dumped them in the rest of the mix to "fold" them in, it was still a little runny.

Also, I folded for a minute, but it didn't seem to be mixing like it should, so I just full on mixed it in.

Is this a big deal?

Also...could this be why there are lots of bubbles on the surface of the cake?

Will these bake out? I guess time will tell.

(I swear I just cleaned my oven....on second thought, it might not have been that recently. I remember complaining to Joey while I was doing it...lets pretend. Can you see in the back where I didn't do a very good job in the first place? Haha...)

One last question.

When a recipe calls for a can of it a big deal to substitute it for a can of cream corn?

Help! I'm about to do it....stop me if I shouldn't. (It's for a that's ok, right?)


Loriannie said...

So is this going to be a cooking blog then?
as I am sure you found out, creamed corn will change the color and consistency of your soup, but it will still taste good. The bubbles on your cake have more to do with the uneven heat in your oven. Did you preheat? Don't lie to me Suzy! Fine, just pretend. I bet the cake tasted delicious. Who cares if there on bubbles on a scratch cake with frosting? Who will even know. Oh... that's right, you blogged about it.

Nanette said...

I am not a cook at all and so I have no answers to your questions.

Your oven looks cleaner than mine. We spilled a hot pizza in ours and still need to finish cleaning it.

Daniel & Amy said...

Your cooking? I thought you didn't do that? Congratulations! I'm sure the cake was fabulous. If it was you should post the recipe ;)