Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lunch lady land

This little sweetheart started 1st grade today.

Four days later than everyone else at her school.

Mother of the year right here.

Of course as it always goes, the parents are more nervous than the poor child who has to attend public school with kids and teachers who don't love them like their family does.

I didn't cry when the girl was born.

I didn't cry when she started pre-school and she insisted on walking in by herself.

I felt weird last year when I walked out of her class on the first day of kindergarten and realized that all the other moms were crying and maybe I should be too.

But I just couldn't do it.

I am making up for all of those times today.

I just can't stop.

My eyes and my head ache and I still can't stop crying.

Everyone else has been going for 3 days. They've already established their first grade cliques.

And this isn't half a day of playing anymore. This is serious.

A full day of learning (?) and...............

eating lunch at school.

What if she has no one to sit by? What if she doesn't know where to go?

What if she can't open the things in her lunch box? (This is a legitimate concern. I still open her fruit snacks and other packaged items. I hadn't thought about it until last night. And I've been having nightmares about it all day.)

Recess is one thing when you are all alone....but lunch in the cafeteria!!??

When I started 1st grade I insisted on bringing cold lunch because I was afraid I wouldn't know how to do hot lunch.

How do you know where the trays are? Where does the line start? Things like that.

But then sometimes cold lunch was embarrassing. No awesome treats. Smelly tuna sandwiches. Soggy jelly on your pb&j. Lunch is the worst thing ever invented.

Joey wouldn't let me go with him to pick her up.

I also got an email today about a new drug at school that looks AND tastes like strawberry poprocks.


My kids would totally take candy from a stranger.

It's candy.

Thanks Rachelle.


Nat said...

Good luck with first grade, Gwen!
...and Suzy!

P.S. My oldest missed the bus on his first day of first grade. He thought I was picking him up and I thought he was riding the bus home. He was hysterical and his teacher had to bring him home.

kellyrass said...

I'm pretty sure you only care because you're preg. I HATE school too!!! I have walked into the cafeteria and seen Josh sitting alone before. It is emotional torture! Good luck Gwen.

The Belnaps said...

What your preggers??? How did I not know about this info. Congrats and I'm totally bummed your house is for sale..LAME! School is scary..too many unknowns..and your worries are totally legit. Those chip and fruit snack packages are complicated.

Elyse & Dale said...

i love first graders. Good thing the first grade teachers practically babysit them for weeks. and just wait till 4th grade. Then you get names like "cat lady" and "ew, your lunch is disgusting". I get it everyday towards me at student teaching. it just never goes away.
good luck my favorite gwenny gwen !!

Randi said...

I'm having a panic attack right now! How did it go??? I need to know.

Kikal said...

And why do you have to pay for your milk separately!?! I'm with Randi, how did it go?!

Daniel & Amy said...

a little pb on both pieces of bread with jelly in the middle stops the soggy bread issue and dont worry im so terrified for ash i want to homeschool her and she loves school and said she dont want me to homeschool. I am assuming your days of crying are not over. raising children is bittersweet.