Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Photo A Day #1

I borrowed this idea from my friend Jess's little sister Alex. Who is also cousins with my kids favorite family, the Cedar City Beard/Tavoian/Whitneys.

We'll see how long I last. I haven't been a very faithful blogger lately.

Maybe this will help.

Prepare for lots of pictures of a messy house, messy kids and messy hair.

P.S. One of the reasons for doing this is supposedly to make you a better photographer.

I'm not counting on this because I am lazy about uploading pictures unless I have just finished a shoot. So most of the pictures will probably be taken on my phone like this one.

My phone camera doesn't even have a flash.

This is how Gwen unloads the dishwasher.
At least it eliminates bending over to get the dishes out before I put them away.
Silly girl.


Sarah said...

LOL, that is how Connor and Kadee unload the dishwasher. It drives me crazy. They also just throw all the silverware in the drawer, you know that drives me crazy cuz you know how OCD I am.

Elyse & Dale said...

i love the picture a day idea. this will be great haha. And I got my suit at Modcloth. read the reviews before you buy. it makes your butt look weird. Or maybe just mine. because apparantly it's huge like the kardashians. You know they're Armenian? we must be related.