Thursday, September 02, 2010

Birthday Tea Party

We had a tea party at the Thanksgiving Point gardens for Gwens birthday this year. It was all Joey's idea. How lucky are my kids that they have a dad who loves to surprise them? I probably would have just taken her to Chuck E Cheese and thrown some quarters at her.

(This is Gwens new pose. She says that girls should look away from the camera or not smile at all.)

(Max as wolverine)

Little Pimps

(Are you proud Patty?)

I think this little chatterbox had the most fun. She kept sneaking back to paint her pot and stayed in dress up the whole time.

This one had a run-in with a statue of a bear and screamed bloody murder until Joey finally had to bring him back to the tea party. He wasn't very happy after that.

Thanks to all the cousins who came to make Gwen's birthday special!
And thanks for the presents! They saved us on the airplane the next day.

(And your presents to Joey saved the rest of us on the plane Patty! I didn't bring a single thing to read. The Dred Scott book is good and Joey already finished the book on tape.)


Randi said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to come!! Carson would have loved to terrorize everyone.

Emily P said...

All the pics are cute! Sorry Daymon was so hard to deal with! He looked so happy in all the pictures. The picture of Lexie was seriously the cutest thing ever! Thanks for inviting my kids! Haylee was in heaven!

Melanie said...

You guys have learned quickly that a birthday party somewhere else where they provide the activities and have to clean up the mess is well worth the money. It took me too many pulling our your hair, dropping into bed exhausted, swearing you'll never do it again parties before McDonalds started giving parties in their playland!

Loriannie said...

Thanks for including all the girl cousins. I know Melissas' new daughters really enjoyed themselves. The pictures are all so sweet and I am glad you were able to bring Gwen here to get her presents from us. Sometimes St. George seems so far away.
Max's wolverine picture is awesome and I love Gwen's new poses.

slp said...

I love Gwen's new pose! She's so sophisticated. I can picture (vividly) Daymon's run-in with the bear statue!! I wish we could have been there, it looks like all the kids had a great time!