Tuesday, September 07, 2010


First I must thank Hayden for driving us to the aiport at the crack of dawn. And apologize for not being ready when he got there to get us. It was seriously early. What a nice guy.

We flew Continental Airlines. Their little snacks were seriously full meals. We had cereal and juice in the morning and then chips and subs at lunchtime. And it was the cheapest flight I could find anywhere. I was a little perturbed that we had to pay to watch tv (so I didn't). Until we got on our Southwest flights later that week and there was not even an option...no tv's! We've been spoiled too much by Delta. (Thank goodness for Patty who gave Joey a book and a book on tape the day before we left, so we both had something to do. Can you believe I didn't bring a single book?)

Florida was pretty awesome.

The water was WARM...seriously warm.
There were tons of cools shells and other sea life all over the beach.
(Gwen did not like this little find of Joey's. I think the empty eye sockets freaked her out.)

We ate at this DELICIOUS diner in Miami. The only thing we did in Miami. It was the best restaurant from our whole vacation. If you are ever in the area, go there. 11th Street Diner.

Steve drove us to this orange orchard.
There weren't any oranges.
But while helping Daisy pick a mango right off the tree, Joey got one right smack in the teeth.
There was blood.
We all laughed.

Steve also drove us to a "flea" market that I was dying to go to.
It was disgusting even for my taste.
So gross.
I overheard one vendor say, "Yeah...it will seriously mess you up."
Then he tried to sell me something.
I think it was lotion.

The kids got their own beds.
Which was good since Max sleeps like this.
Thanks MOM and DAD for letting us use your Wyndham points.
It was awesome.
In related news, we read this article the day we checked out.
I was eating when Joey showed it to me.

Crystal and Steve and their cute cute kids helped us celebrate Joey's 30th birthday while we were there. They got Joey a delicious cake that I guess I didn't get any pictures of. Thanks guys.

In more related news, it is Steves 30th birthday today. Click here to go to their family blog and wish him a happy birthday!
This was a yummy dessert we ate on Joey's b-day.

I was really there. See?

While we were there Crystal introduced me to her awesome sisters etsy site.

Look how cute and creative these bows are!!

Click here to see all of her cute hair accessories.
(If you buy something, tell her I sent you. She doesn't know me. But I want her to like me.)


Loriannie said...

I loved the pictures so much! The etsy bows are the so awesome. Talk about creativity. We flew into Miami when we went on our cruise 3 years ago, and the food was so delicious. COme see us soon!

Sarah said...

Florida sounds like so much fun. You are seriously one hot mama.