Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well....we get to find out tomorrow afternoon if baby #3 will be a boy or a girl.

I don't think I've actually told too many people that we are expecting a baby.

So if you didn't know....SURPRISE!

So help us out with some ideas for names.

Did you know that Joey has named both of our children?

He did.

He has vetoed every single name I've ever come up with.

Here are some examples:

Josephine...How cute is that when you consider that her dad is Joseph and we would call her Josie for short. Nope. He hates it.

Keely...(I don't know how I would spell it) My grandma's maiden name was Keele and I think it is so cute. He didn't really veto that one. But with two Kelly's already in the family I thought it might be confusing.

I LOVED the name Minnie a few weeks ago. Until I told Joey. He didn't think that a 6 foot girl named Minnie would be a nice thing to do to your child.

I've never had too many clever ideas about boy names, but I did veto him when he wanted Max to be short for Maxamillion.

It really comes down to this... Joey has good taste and I don't.

And it's true of every aspect of our lives.

He decorates the house.

He tries to dress me....but I still manage to look like a bag lady most of the time.

He takes the kids school clothes shopping.

And he names the kids.

So this is what we have so far.

Joey likes Johnny for a boy... or for a girl, I don't think he cares which.

I suggested Olive for a girl.

Joey doesn't love it.

I told Joey's aunt Lori my idea the other night and as the words were coming out of my mouth I instantly knew it was a dog's name. Maybe just because when you talk to Lori you are always thinking of dogs, because you know she is.

She hated it too.

So tell me your best ideas for names.

We like old fashioned names.

We also like names that are short for something.

Tell me what you think of Olive...and Johnny.

What could Olive be short for, haha?

Tell me your children's names.

I WILL steal them....but does it really matter?


Sarah said...

Ah, the name game. I love the name Johnny for a boy or a girl. Be careful when you pick a name though. You may be accused of stealing it, even if you didn't. Then you have a whole new set of problems. :)

Randi said...

I think your having a girl. we were going to name Carson Josie if he was a girl. I think I've out grown it after that Dugger lady named their baby Josie. I like Johnny, and I like Paisley for a girl. Don't worry, all the girl names I like don't go so well with Pace. Where the heck were you today!

The Adams Family said...

You could do olivia for a girl and then call her olive:)

The Belnaps said...

Ok so i am all for Olive..well sort of. I like could call her livvy. I'm not a fan of Johnny. I have a list of names..and I'm totally a fan of old fashioned names. i search the obituaries for name girls all have old names. I do love Lola and Mia..I loved Mia. Nate hated it. Boy names are harder...I like Jonas, Drew, Aiden, Dawson.. Good luck and I know you have goos taste..I've seen your photography.

Dunn4 said...

Congrats Suzy!!! I didn't know but I'm so excited for you! Oh, I hope it's a girl....girl names are much easier to come up with than a boys I think. My Grandmother had a sister that was one of the most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on. She was a nurse and I have pictures of her in her little white nurse hat (you know the kind they wore back in the 1920's) her name was Ruby...I've always loved her name (maybe because she was so gorgeous) I also love the name Annabelle...with that you can call her Annie, Anna or Bella! Good Luck, a name is something they'll have to live with FOREVER!

The Johnsons said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for you. I hope its a girl, okay its all I really know. But I sure have lots of fun with my girls. Especially the clothes. Good luck on the name! I can't wait to hear what it is.

Encore Dance said...

Congrats!! Kathrine's little girl is Olivia & they call her Livvy, She's a cute girl. I had a dancer named Keely, she signs up every year, then quits 2 months into it.:( Macy is my favorite cause she is the cutest & smartest dancer I have.

Elyse & Dale said...

emmaline is one of my favs. or emelia. I'm only giving those to you because Dale hates those. Joey probably will too. I love the name Dawson. or brigham. love johnny.... and jonas. ok I think about baby names way too much. Is it weird that I've had a list of them on my computer? Since I was young? it doesn't hurt to be prepared right? haha

kellyrass said...

I like the name Phylis for a boy or a girl. I like Dennis for a boy.

NatPalmer said...

First of all, congrats! (I didn't say that earlier since I hadn't noticed you mentioning anything on your blog and didn't want to be a big mouth just in case.)
Second... I hope people give you a lot of great suggestions for girl names so that I can steal one because Austin is being a poo-head and doesn't like any of my ideas. (Why can't he just let me have my way?) So #3 is currently nameless, poor thing.

patty said...

I'm trying to think like Joey here so I'll say Johnny Cash Carlson for boy or girl. Elvis would also be a good choice, but that's a dog's name now too. Or name him after a U.S. president: George Washington Carlson, Woodrow Wilson Carlson, Jimmy Carter Carlson, William Jefferson Clinton Carlson......George Soros Carlson, Keith Oberman Carlson. Here are some of my favorite female names I've collected from genealogy research over the years. These are honest to goodness names: Pardon, Increase, Submit (my personal favorite) Fear, Silence, Remember, Experience, Icy (last name Fountain, but you could use it as a middle name) Icy Fountain Carlson. It would be so 'cool'.
Aren't you glad you asked?
And Suzy, you have 3 names so you should give her one of yours.

Nanette said...

Congrats Suzy! I had no idea. I can't wait to find out what you are having.

I like Millie or Nellie for a girl.

Nat said...

Congratulations! Boy name are hard, but I really like Levi, Ethan, Devin, Adam and Reese. And I used all of them. I like Lucy for a girl. Good luck with the name game!

The Cranney's said...

YAY!! Congratulations! :D Very exciting news.

The Willdens said...
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if i would have had more guts olivia would be olive...



but im not havin anymore!


Melanie said...

Congratulations! If you want an old fashioned and family name, you could name a girl (or a boy I guess) Francis and call her Fanny. (Nanette tells me Franny would be cuter but that wouldn't be historically correct!) :)

Melissa said...