Tuesday, September 14, 2010


(I thought this picture looked like a cute little japanamation animal. Like a little woodland deer or bunny or skunk.)

Thanks for all of your horrible ideas for names.

Just joking....there were some good ones in there.

Of course both of the kids wanted the baby to be the same gender as themselves.

Max said he loves Claire, but he DOES NOT love girl babies.

If it didn't have a weenie, he didn't want it.

Gwen wasn't as vocal, but she promptly threw a fit in the ultrasound room when they announced that it was a boy.

So here are there ideas for names.

Max likes Patton (I think he thinks he made that up), Rubbish, Pally, Slappish, and the newest is Licorice.

Gwen's are almost worse, because she is dead serious...Bob or Bobby.

So keep the ideas coming. I need to bring something to the table, even if they are stolen ideas.

Our hospital just got a 3D imaging machine. They were pretty excited. The kids still had no idea what they were looking at. And in all the excitement they forgot to measure his femur. So Max and I got to go back for a free ultrasound this morning. It wasn't that exciting since they were only 12 hours apart, at least not for Max.

And if you don't believe that this was a free ultrasound, ask me about our insurance. There has been a lot of haggling on my part and I must admit that it has been rather fun to be in control of my pregnancy and my money. And I have to thank my sister in law Dion for clueing me into what I needed to do. I know no one else has any idea what I'm talking about, but thanks Dion!!
PS...you should move to rural Utah. Some things are cheaper down here. Well, not enough to warrant a move, but you know.


Randi said...

Don't even talk about insurance! I just found out so one in Utah offer supplemental maternity insurance now......great! Hope we can save up like 7 grand before the next kid. Anyway I vote for Cache. I'm so glad Carson is going to have a another friend!

kellyrass said...

I like Cash. Spelled the true way.

Shauntel said...

There was a kid in Westwood named Cache. Ryan and I loved it. Ryan called him Cache Money when he was his scout leader, the kid loved it. But if there is some cynical Carlson joke about Cash, you should skip it! :) I really like the name Patton. It was in a book I read. I'm a huge fan of Ethan and Brock, but Ryan vetoed those so fast. I also wanted William, Will for short. If Shyann was a boy that would have been the name. And Congratulations!
BTW I know a good insurance guy if you need one!

Nat said...

Hooray for boys! Boys are the best! :)

Loriannie said...

I'm not even going to bother with name suggestions, I will just love whatever you name him. I am very excited about grandbaby #14. HE WILL BE VERY LOVED AND MUCH WANTED!

Brena and Brendan said...

Hey Suzy! Congratulations on the baby news! That is awesome! I wish I was ready to have another one, but I don't know if that will ever happen.... (so much work!!!) Im not great with names, but I LOVE Randi's idea of Cache!!! Cache Carlson! And I got ur message on fb about my blog, but I need ur email address to send u an invite!

The Johnsons said...

I'm so excited for you. Sorry I'm no good with boy names. I'm really good with the girls but boys not so much. I know you will pick a way cute name whatever it is.
I would love to meet you at McDonalds, name the time and we will do it.

Teresa said...

To satisfy Gwen you could use the name Robert and then nickname of Bob or Bobby... I'm just throwing that out there but it's not what I would call my suggestion for a name. I can't even think of names for people on The Sims or for my stories.

Sarah said...

Good luck with your insurance. I took Kinlee in and had her pictures taken, d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. I'm glad you told me to do that first, we will need to wait until she is 16 to take pictures I guess. J/K Seriously though, we may want to wait a few months.