Wednesday, September 01, 2010

School starts early and I'm tired.'s how it went.

Joey kept Gwen out for an hour after picking her up.

They had a little after school snack date.

When she finally got home my first question to her was, "Who did you sit by at lunch?"

She responded that she didn't know the girl she sat by.

My eyes started welling up with tears again.

I asked if it was a girl from her class.

She told me that it was not.

I almost pulled her out of school right then.

But then Joey informed me that she DOES have a friend.

One of her best friends from last year is in her class again.

She just couldn't find her at lunchtime.

I would have died a thousand deaths and started to cry in the lunch room doorway at the thought of being so presumptuous as to sit by a stranger.

(That of course was before my mom explained to me that crying will only bring more attention to you. Since then I've hardly shed a least not for myself.)

But it became clear to me quickly that Gwen is indeed not my offspring.

She is confident and she enjoys making new friends and talking to people she doesn't know.

Even when they think she is weird because of it.

One girl showed her where the bathroom was, another girl helped her unstrap her lunchbag from her backpack, another girl played kitties with her at recess, and Gwen loves math. Gwen also picked out a book about Washington D.C. for her teacher and wrote him a note in the front. And he read the book to the class and let her tell about her vacation. (I got this idea from a blog I stalk who is a cousin of my sister in law's here to read her blog full of good ideas.)

When I asked her if she would like to stay home with me and cuddle for the whole day tomorrow, she declined.

She loves school.

So now I can worry about other things.

Like Max's new obsession.

He tells us every five minutes that he DOES NOT want to be a dad.

He has lots of reasons and they all seem legitimate. Mostly he is scared of growing up.

He is definitely my son.

Now for anyone who currently resides in Richfield and has children attending k-2nd grades....
do you use the new state of the art drop off lanes to deposit your children in the morning?

I was told to drop kids off in the lane closest to the school and then use the other lane to exit.

So I tried it for the first time this morning.

I stopped behind the car in front of me and unlocked the doors for Gwen to get out.

She couldn't get the door opened.

Then I noticed a crossing guard waving her arms frantically for me to move forward.

Because the car in front of me was gone.

So I did.

I unlocked the doors again (because they lock automatically when you drive) and again Gwen couldn't get her door open.

Another lady frantically waves me forward.

So I finally pulled clear to the end where there were no ladies to yell at me.

As Gwen closed her door she turned around and yelled, "You are SOO RUDE MOM!"

(I guess I was taking my frustration out on her.)

Haha...first grade is a lot different from kindergarten. I have to wait 6 hours instead of 3 to apologize for being rude.

And in those 6 hours, she is hating me.

Does anyone remember talking to your friends at recess about how RUDE your mom was?

(I do...sorry mom.)

I am going to write a letter to the school requesting that they put a drop-off tutorial video on their website on what they expect. No stopping? Do I need to purchase an ejectable seat for Gwen? If children could get out of the car as fast and efficiently as adults, I would have more kids. But they can't. They are slow. They have little legs.


Dunn4 said...

While Jason and Sarah were in New York a couple of months ago I was taking Hallie and Olivia to swimming. It was in a cul-de-sac (I have no idea how to spell it so from now on it is a circle)at a private I turned to go into the circle I saw 6 cars in front of me all doing the same thing, either dropping off or picking up kids. It was taking FOREVER...I thought I'd be a little smarter than all of those idiots waiting in line so I pulled out around all of them, drove up into the circle and came down the opposite side of the street to drop the girls off. As I pulled over to the curb, directly across from the house with the pool..I opened my door and opened both sliding doors of the van to let each girl out. Just as I started to get the girls out...3 ladies started yelling and waving their arms (JUST LIKE YOUR STORY) telling me the girls are not allowed to cross the street, that I would have to drop them off IN FRONT of THE POOL HOUSE. SOOOO, I had to go get back in, drive out of the circle, get back in line and WAIT... AGAIN... I was humiliated that they were yelling at me like that in front of all of those other I was a bit angry when I actually got to drop the kids off....the grandkids didn't tell me I was rude, but I'm sure the 3 ladies thought I was. When I went back to pick them up after swimming...I new the drill and pulled right in behind the line and waited PATIENTLY for my turn. I agree with you...ask them for a video & see what you get...and next time tell Gwen "that's just how people from Price do things!"

Emily P said...

DOn't worry about the drop off thing. That is how I feel about the one at Haylee's school but there isn't always a lady out there yelling at people which makes it easier. I do feel like I am pushing her out of the car though since there is always people behind you. It gets easier....probably.

The Belnaps said...

The drop off thing totally stresses me I stop? No one is behind me? But the teachers are waving...oh the I stop..then go..then stop..they are still waving. I am totally on board with the ejectable seat.

Loriannie said...

You are so more sensitive than you ever like to let on. Too bad I programmed you to not let your emotions show so that you could quit being embarrassed so much. You know, if you hold them in like that until the dam bursts, one of these times you might not be able to stop crying. (same theory behind the "if you keep making that face your face will freeze like that") I do love you sooo much!