Thursday, September 09, 2010

Washington DC

Our accomodations were a little more cramped in Washington DC.

We met up with Travis at the Baltimore airport.

Then we checked into our teeny tiny hotel room.

The bathroom didn't even have a lock.

When I tried to go in the bathroom with Gwen to help her change, we didn't both fit.

But luckily they are so accomodating at the Palomar in Arlington VA, that they upgraded us the next day to a more roomy room.

And just in time because Joey and Travis picked Steve up from the airport that day.

The bathroom was much larger, but still no lock. So weird.

This is not posed. He loves her. She hates it, so he does it when she sleeps.

Thank goodness for Travis.
Joey didn't get a durn picture of me on this leg of the trip.
We did A LOT of walking.
And my camera is heavy.
I don't think he wanted to chance getting stuck with it.

Travis also took this one.
Waiting for the Metro.
Joey was in a good mood.
Really. He just likes to look intimidating.
Just in case.
We WERE on the metro.

Max has this airplane pose that he does when I try to take pictures of him.
It evolved during the vacation.
The result was this hilarious sexy pose.
I almost couldn't take the picture.
Look how serious he is about it.

So much walking.
It made us hungry.

The day before the 8/28 rally.
People were already reserving spots.
The crazy thing is that it is illegal to camp out on "The Mall".
No sleeping.
Did they take shifts, or just stay up all night?
It sounds uncomfortable and lame.

Not a happy camper. We missed being able to go to the top of the Washington Monument by about 30 seconds.

He didn't care as much.

Neither did he.

Sorry about the closed eyes Trav.
But doesn't he have the cutest smile?
No wonder all the girls in HS were in love with him.
Including me.

Joey in front of a stuffed Joey.

Cue the fake thunder and Gwen was done with this part of the museum.

Joey and Travis trying to figure out what this exhibit is.

Can you tell what this human skeleton is doing with this animal skeleton?

Gwen wants to be a stewardess. But mostly she wants to be an art teacher.

The kids top favorite thing from our whole vacation was the Air & Space Museum.
When I looked at the Smithsonian map I mentally crossed that museum off the list.
But Travis insisted. So we went. Thanks Travis!!
There is even a McDonalds there that has special air and space toys.
That of course was not an influence on the children loving it though.
Because I didn't take them.
I forget until we were gone.
Oh well.
(We did eat at the McDonalds across from our hotel every single night that we were in DC though. I know, gross right? Joey and Travis thought so, so they ate elsewhere. But I won't lie. I love McDonalds. It's my favorite restaurant. Seriously.)

This is us at the Glenn Beck 8/28 rally. (Minus me of course.)
We woke up at 6 am.
It was horrible.
It was like waking up at 4 am in Utah. (Except we were already used to the time change, but that is still early.)
Then we walked to the Lincoln Memorial.
We got there around 8 and got pretty good spots.
Unless you're short like me, then it doesn't really matter where you sit.
The rally didn't start until 10, so Gwen and I stretched out and took a nap. camping. Oh well.
I didn't see a sign about drooling, but I bet the people around us were still disgusted.

For some reason I am missing pictures that I remember taking.
I am missing the picture of Gwen on Joey's shoulders at the rally.
When they announced Sarah Palin, Gwen got excited and asked Joey to lift her up so she could see.
I think he shed a few tears as he gave her a boost.
(In all fairness, she probably would have had the same reaction if they had announced Barack Obama. She's not indoctrinated yet, she just recognizes names of famous people.)

After three hours of sitting in the direct sunlight on the grass with no drinks or treats, I know...we're genius's, I decided to take the kids to a kiosk nearby for a break.

After 30 minutes of wall to wall human traffic and having moved 5 feet, it was obvious that we were never coming back to find Joey.

Luckily a nice lady gave my children American flags on long wooden sticks to distract me from the big belly behind me pushing against my back and the big butt in front of me shoved into my own belly. Max thought it was funny/entertaining/mean (who knows what his motivation is...ever) to put the long stick between peoples legs and move it around. Sometimes he just flat out jammed it into peoples legs and bums and arms. What's a mom to do? I couldn't take it and hold it myself. I had two little hands to hold onto. If I let go I would have lost them forever. You can't just throw away an American flag, can you? Well I thought not, so I didn't. I didn't even yell at him because it was so hot and I was feeling clausterphobic. I did discipline him a little so that the people around us wouldn't feel too poorly about my mothering skills.

After an HOUR we were finally free from the maddening crowd. We looked back at the 30 feet we had traveled and Joey was nowhere to be found. So we found the nearest hotdog stand and the nice couple (also there for the rally) in front of us started chatting with my kids about hotdogs and condiments. I think the kids thought they were their long lost grandparents. Even Max was talking to them. When we got to the front of the line I realized that they were only taking cash. I didn't have any cash but I thought I would ask anyway just in case. Sure debit cards. As we started to walk away the nice man in front of us ran over and asked if he could buy us hotdogs. I guess I should have just let him. If I offer to buy something for someone I really mean it. But I declined. I knew I wouldn't be able to find him to pay him back later. So then he tried to give us HIS hotdog. He was so nice that I started to cry. It was so humiliating. I couldn't stop. Is there such a shortage of sincerely NICE people in the world that when you finally meet them it brings tears to your eyes? I guess so. I cried all the way to the American History museum where we bought a snack in the gift shop. It was embarrassing.

This is Max waiting on the cool floor of the American History Museum for Joey. Both of our phones died. Neither of us realized that there were two entrances. We waited for 40 minutes at one entrance while Joey waited at the other. How did anyone reconnect at amusement parks and such 20 years ago before cell phones??

I think Joey had a good vacation.
What do you think?

Who has been to DC?
What was your favorite attraction?
Where did you stay and did you like it?
What kind of shoes did you wear?

(I forgot about the day that we got lost while we were WALKING and we had to carry the kids part of the way because there was NO SHOULDER and it was kind of scary and we were really tired and we were walking in spiky weeds and thistles and my FLIP FLOP broke?!! Absolutely could not wear it anymore. Had to walk the streets of DC with a bare naked foot. I made a comment about getting an STD. Joey was confused about how I planned on getting one of those. Haha...I didn't think about what the initials stand for. I very seldom think before I speak. Mom and you remember when you took us to DC when I was 5 or 6 and I got my first pair of flip flops to tour the city on foot? I guess your poor decision making was passed on. blisters this time though.)

What is your all-time favorite vacation that you've taken with your kids?

Stay tuned for talk of babies...


Sarah said...

I've been to DC and I loved it. I can't believe you called me a baby. You cried when a stranger offered you his hot dog! JK I love you!

Nanette said...

Last time I went to DC I went to the Holocaust Museum. It was such a humbling experience. I couldn't believe the awful things that people could do to others.

I hardly ever get pictures of me either, because I'm always the one taking the pictures. That's okay though, because I'm not very photogenic.

That is so awesome that you went to the Glenn Beck rally. I'm jealous.

Elyse & Dale said...

i have to say i laughed out loud at this whole post. Max's pose...he must get it from you.

and I'm fine with that...taking yours when you're done cooking it. Saves me a lot of time and trouble.

Chocolate said...

This is Janet Brown. I hope you don't mind that check out your blog occasionally - especially when you include pictures of Steve and his cute family. Crystal has quit blogging for a minute while she is being Primary president and expecting our 20th grandchild(son).
I love your blogs & pictures. Thanks for sharing your hot dog experience. It is so nice to know that there are still great people in America. And, thanks for taking care of Steve.

suzy said...

Janet! I love you and I love that you read my blog. I hope I am not offensive too often. We love Steven and Crystal and their cute kids and we wish we could see them more! We are already planning a trip back to see them. Our due dates are only a day apart this time!