Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Michael, Chef, Owls and Robots

Did you know that I LOVE Michael Bolton?

I had this poster on my wall when I was 12. I think it is the only poster I ever owned.

I LOVED the earring. And even the mullet didn't sway me.

Rita...do you remember winning tickets on the radio to see him like a million years ago?

I was on the other line trying to win them too.

I held it against you for awhile.

Just kidding.

I also love the Chef.

Chef Boyardee.

I had raviolis for lunch today and I was so excited when Max turned his nose up.

Sarah...remember when I always ate all your raviolis at our trailer without asking? Sorry about that.

In an attempt to get the kids out of the house today while Joey studied, I took the kids to the movies.

We saw that owl movie. It was sort of scary, but also kind of boring to the kids.

There was really only one part that Gwen needed to cuddle and only a few that Max wanted to play musical chairs to pass the time.

I was a little uncomfortable from the pizza and breadsticks I scarfed 5 minutes before we loaded up on candy and popcorn and the seats didn't recline at all.

Has anyone seen it? What did you think? It didn't seem to have a political agenda at least. (But I usually don't pick up on those anyway until Joey points them out.)

And lastly in my randomness....

It was requested that I post a few pictures of our robot halloween costumes from 2 years ago.

So here they are. (Isn't Joey so creative?)

Jenn...Our bodies are just boxes spray painted silver and our heads are smaller boxes. Joey cut them. I would have screwed them up.

Our arms and legs are dryer vents. In the first pic you can kind of tell that Joey's arms are less flexible than mine. Make sure you get the soft flexible kind. The legs were cut down the back so that we could walk better. (It was still hard)

Our hardware is self stick reflective gizmos for bikes and such. And a bit of reflective tape. We also have water bottles protruding from our heads and hangers from the tops.

Joey whipped these costumes up in seriously under an hour and only that long because of the time it took the spray paint to dry. My tutu is like 4 of Gwens tutus pinned together. I know, it looks super awesome. My only contribution and it looks the worst.

Did I ever tell the story about how this was our first Halloween at home and so no one really knew who we were. We got a lot of weird looks. Then Max got tired cause he was just a little guy so Joey went home with him to hand out candy. Then I really got weird looks. It was kind of embarrassing. It was really embarrassing.


The Belnaps said...

Nate totally loves chef boyardee..i think it smells like throw up...i want to barf everytime I open a can...:) And I think your Halloween costumes are always amazing..you know you are always gonna have to have great costumes..we expect that from you..Nate dressed up like a UPS man one year and I was his box...I know lame because that's what he does. He does not dress up...we almost got divorced that year (well not really..but I was way mad) I like going to parties..he on the other hand does not. So I finally convinced him to go in his work clothes..so lame

Melanie said...

Did you mention Michael Bolton because of Dancing with the Stars? I thought he was a bad dancer, but not as bad as some that are still on there. I love his singing though and was excited when he sang tonight!

I hate the smell of Chef Boyardee. It reminds me of the stewed tomatoes that Grandma Smith would cook for Grandpa. She was very nice to cook something else for Joel and I.

Love your costumes! You don't give yourself enough credit.

Dunn4 said...

Suzy....How could I forget winning those tickets!!!! It was purely a miracle...I was downtown on my way home and you had to be caller #300. I came in the house, dialed the phone and I WAS CALLER 300. They were front row tickets with back stage passes. Celine Dion opened for him and she was MUCH BETTER..she was worth the trip..I could have done without him! SORRY...he was just overrated and arrogant.I should have given you the tickets! Oh, way cute costumes!

Nat said...

I love the costumes! So cute!

Loriannie said...

I watched Michael Bolton sing Hallelujah on Tuesday, on dancing with the stars, and he does sing better than he dances! I remember calling all day trying to win those Michael Bolton tickets! I am excited to see what you will be for Halloween this year!!

Elaine Goold said...

Suzy, I am constantly amazed by how much alike we are. This is too funny! I have many Michael Bolton CDs and everyone in my family makes fun of me. I put on one of his CDs when I know no one else will be around - driving to work, home alone, etc. I also love your photo of Max and Gwen standing on the pier. I LOVE your children!! It was fun to see you in St George. What a treat to spend a little time with you and them.