Thursday, January 27, 2011

I don't love knowing when it's going to happen!

Today is my last day of being pregnant.

So of course I'm going to clean all the bathrooms in the house.

I might just lie around and cuddle Max all day, but I do have a to-do list.

Max is a little apprehensive about the whole baby thing.

I don't blame him. He has been the baby for 4 years.

He is worried that the baby will poop on all his stuff. It is seriously his biggest concern.

He has reverted back to his 2 year old mischievous phase this last week too.

He stuck hooks to the wall in the entryway where everyone can see, right at his level, upside down. They are made to NEVER come off. He got in trouble, but I still couldn't get them off. Later when I walked by the hook parts were broken off...even more attractive.

The list goes on, but Joey is coming home tonight and I don't want to drive him away. (Since I've saved most of it for him to take care of.)

I am more worried about having a 3rd child after Gwen said at the grocery store, " always show more love for Max." How sad.

Any suggestions for how to keep short hair looking good for pictures while you deliver a baby? I should have waited to get a haircut. At least I know how to put long hair in a ponytail. And is it weird to get your hair done at a salon the day before you have a baby?


Nat said...

I knew when I was going to have my #4, and I hated it. I couldn't sleep that night, and I was exhausted before they even started labor.

I went to the salon the day before my #3 was born, and I had short hair when my #5 was born. Luckily with my #5, I didn't know it was going to happen. My hair and make-up were done, and since my labor was only 1 1/2 hours, I didn't have too much time to get it all messed up. Those are the best hospital pictures I have.

Anyway, good luck! I hope everything goes well, and I can't wait to *meet* your new little one! :)

Kikal said...

Hey I want to see your short hair! Also, I did my hair the other night before I went to bed, just in case I went into labor...I'm ridiculous.

The Belnaps said...

My water broke with mags just as I had taken off my makeup and gotten into bad..lame...but I've decided no one looks good in the post birth pics...even movie-glam stars...i'm sure you'll be the exception..and you should add a pedicure to the hair do..totally worth it. Good luck!

suzy said...'s not really "short" just short for me cause I don't know how to do it. Ashley...i am getting a pedicure at 2, I just don't know if anyone can fit me in for a style.

Randi said...

I'm already excited and he's not even here yet!! Can't you just wear a hat during labor?

suzy said...

Randi...come do my hair.

Elyse & Dale said...

i'm SO EXCITED! I wish I was there :( This is a funny post. I miss your kids. And you guys. Get your hair done. Maybe wear some stilletos too.

kellyrass said...

You can't plan anything so just roll with it! Get your hair done, pedicures, GO ALL OUT because in many ways, this is the last day of your life.

The Willdens said...

I haven't had short hair since the seventh grade, but...with Emma I made sure I made the front cute (with a little braid) and no one ever saw the back LOL. Good luck tomorrow! :)

Janna said...

Yay! Congratulations! I would love to see your short hair and I CAN'T wait to see your baby. You have such darling kids. Good luck and I am sure you'll look beautiful - radiating! :) Isn't that how all pregnant/new mothers look? That's what they always told me anyway.

Andrea said...

:( I wish I'd read this yesterday. I totally would have brought you over a cute headband or something! I hope today has gone great for you, Suzy. Congrats on little baby Cache! I hope his poop doesn't get on too much of Max's stuff... ;)