Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nannies, Babies, & Chocolate

I am lazy.

More so when I am 30 pounds heavier than usual. (Imagine being almost as heavy as your 6'6" husband...it's not awesome for the self esteem.)

Blogging doesn't take too much energy, but when you are lazy there is not usually tons to talk about.

Also, taking pictures and uploading them and converting them to jpgs DOES take a lot of brain power and blogs without pictures are BORING.

So here is what's new.

We have a nanny.

The "nanny" part is not going to work out. She is too busy being a responsible teenager.

She goes to early morning seminary and then straight to nail tech at the college. (She starts doing nails soon...come visit and I will make you an appointment at the cosmetology.)

She has no time for lunch because she has to rush to the high school for a few classes and then to work.

Pretty soon she will start softball and we will see her even less.

Even though she can't take the kids off my hands for most of the day like I had hoped, it is nice to have a pair of helping hands around.

I was upstairs doing laundry the other day (aka sitting on Gwens bed talking to my mom on the phone) when I heard the vacuum turn on downstairs. It was weird. She cleans up messes....even ones that she didn't make!! It's crazy and so wonderful.

In baby news....not much progress. I've scheduled a day to be started, but I am a little nervous that I will go into labor on my own and no one will be able to be here. I just know that unless I am POSITIVE that the baby is coming, I would never call Joey and ask him to come home. And once I'm positive it will probably be too late for anyone to make it here. Gwen already told me she doesn't want to be in there when the baby is born. I don't think Max would be a big fan either.

I had my first real FOOD craving tonight just as soon as my pajamas were on and Joey had left. I crave laundry detergent and other non food items and sometimes I think certain foods sound good. But tonight I was craving chocolate. Something I have never craved in my life. I'm not a big chocolate fan either. The thought of eating a whole candy bar hurts my teeth. (Of course that's not to say that I can't down a whole milky way in less than a minute.) I was thinking of piling the kids in the car and running to the gas station and just as I was contemplating whether or not Gwen was big enough to go in alone, pick out a chocolate treat and use my debit card, I remembered the crunch bar in my top dresser drawer that has been there for several years. No point to this story. But thought some of Joey's family would be glad to hear that I'm having food cravings now and no longer contemplating pouring Tide into my icebox. (Doesn't that sound so good though?? Just a hint of Tide frozen into your ice chips?)

Come back tomorrow (or sometime in the next few weeks for pictures) They are converting to jpgs as we speak, but I am going to lie down. Who knows when I will fire up this Mac next.


The Belnaps said...

good to hear from you...you can always call me if you go into labor :) and tide sounds totally gross and I really need a nanny..do they come for free..hahaha

Emily P said...

You and your love for laundry detergent! Don't do it Suzy. I would try to rush down there to be with you if your nanny can watch all the kids!! Hayden missed Donny being born so you could join the club.