Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures of Gwenny

I just bought these super cute headbands from a new etsy shop called The Bearded Lady by elyse beard.

Isn't that a cute name?

I only have pictures of one of the headbands so far because as much as Gwen likes to have her picture taken she is completely uncooperative as far as wardrobe and hair choices.

So I am waiting until I can convince her to let me curl her hair and choose clothes that fit her properly.

Go to her etsy shop HERE and check out her darling headbands.
And they are SUCH A GOOD PRICE!!

(The other one I bought is the black and red one and I can't wait to take pictures with it!)

She also just lost her second tooth.

(Only the second one and already the toothfairy is proving to be unreliable. She tried to get Gwen to go back to sleep the next morning while she tore the house apart looking for quarters or loose bills somewhere. Do you believe neither of the kids at my house had any quarters in their piggy banks? Luckily she found a silver dollar in my dresser drawer that my grandpa gave me when I was little.)


patty said...

That is the best cross-eyed pose I've ever seen. Too cute!

Nat said...

She is so cute!

...we have a forgetful Tooth Fairy at our house, too! :)

The Willdens said...

She is growing up so fast! she is so cute!