Monday, January 24, 2011

Preference Pirates

Kayleighs group of friends came over on Friday night for me to do their preference pictures.

Since it was just their group and not lots of kids that I don't know, I decided to get kinda weird.

This idea is completely ripped off.

Joey improved it for me, cause that's what he does.

And the cute girl with the mustache is the one who had the mustache idea.

I think I am in labor right now and my phone won't turn on and my husband is not at home.

So I will leave you with some pictures while I go lie down on the couch and let my kids destroy the house.


Kikal said...

Well good luck! Do you need us to call someone for you? Also, the pictures are awesome...WAAAY better than my pref pictures.

kellyrass said...

Best pics ever!!!!! Try to hold the baby in for a few more days. I'm too busy to visit right now.

Randi said...

I give you permission to have baby Cache on my birthday, but I think maybe you should wait for Joey. The pics are so cute! Did you photoshop that kids mullet to?

NatPalmer said...

Those are the cutest dance pics ever!