Monday, January 31, 2011

Things I forgot...

How much I like hospital food. I really do.

Maybe because I didn't make it.

How much contractions without an epidural REALLY hurt. And it's really hard not to cry.

How much I love nurses and having lots of positive attention.

Sending baby to the nursery and getting him back when he is hungry.

A husband who appreciates you for a few days cause he's glad he didn't have to do what you just did.

The biggest thing I forgot was how pregnancy and labor and newborns are NOT the hardest thing going on with childbirth. The hardest things are still looking 6 months pregnant, sore boobies, and post labor contractions!

Thanks to everyone who helped without having to be asked and just knew what a new mommy needs. And for the treats.


Randi said...

The after stuff really is the worst!!! I can't wait to see baby Cash and Carson can't wait to poke him in the eye.

Lance, Britt, and Derek said...

Not gonna lie, I also missed the hospital food. I was completely content to be in the hospital for a week after I had my baby!
Can't wait to see the new little guy :)
Wish somebody would've told me about all the horrible after-birth stuff before I had Derek.
Maybe I'll write a book to warn people... but probably not

patty said...

I still remember how much those after birth contractions hurt. They get worse with each baby. And a belly that looks like a bunch of bread dough is so attractive. Sacrifice is the name of the game when it comes to bringing children into the world. It's a good thing they appreciate it so much!
p.s. I hope I don't have to hear Jingle Bells for a really really long time. Batman smells!!!

The Belnaps said...

congrats...ya those contraction things suck and they do get worse with each kid..pplus the nurse who freakin pushes the crap out of your gut doesn't help much either...the joys of birth :( oh and don't forget the saggy, shrivelled up boobies

cara lou said...

Ahh! I can't see your photos! But I'm glad to hear everything went well. I hope you recover quickly. Much love!

Emily P said...

I am happy I got to be there with you this weekend! I am quite sad that I didn't get to bring Cash home with me. I love that little guy and you too! Hope you get back to feeling good soon!

Nat said...

What a cute little guy! Congratulations!

P.S. The after-birth pains really do get worse every time!

Nanette said...

Ditto to everything you said. Congats on the new baby. He is so precious!