Friday, February 04, 2011

Baby Pirates

This giant picture that probably won't show up, won't let me delete and won't get of a hole that Max bit in the back of Gwen's shirt today. And it was all over chocolate covered fruit that the relief society brought over. Gwen wanted to save the biggest piece for Joey. Max wanted to eat the biggest piece. So he bit a hole in her shirt. I wasn't even sure how to handle that one.

Later we had a 2 minute photo shoot.

My studio doesn't get as warm as I thought it would.

Gwen wanted a captains hat and telling her that she matched the baby only worked for a few minutes.

Gwen didn't feel like she could hold the baby and stand on unstable furniture at the same time.

It was cold.

Max was sure excited though.


Randi said...

That is so cute, I hope baby Cash doesn't float away!

Loriannie said...

WHat a cute idea! They are so darling.

DD said...

So cute!
When Maggie got her pictures taken I followed her around with a portable heater. It worked like a charm!

Jennie said...

Cutest thing ever! My poor children don't have a photographer for a mother...I totally missed your preganancy and delivery. Sorry. I've kind of been on hiatus...from life...