Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

This little baby had to get his foot poked today...but he is healthy and has gained a pound since coming home from the hospital!

This girl is about to have her half birthday! Half birthdays have become important to her because she has a summer birthday. So they celebrate her half birthday at school instead of the real one. She doesn't really understand yet though that she will never have a half birthday party, nor will she be getting any presents. Today was also a hard day for her. She wondered after school when she would get the rest of her valentines. I was confused because they had their school party on Friday. But she was referring to the fact that ALL she got was a chocolate heart and a book. Oh boy.

This little man is my biggest helper. The other day though I was upstairs and heard his sweet little voice singing, "Baby goin' up goin' up up..." I was hoping his little song didn't mean what I thought it meant as I ran toward the sound of his voice. But it did. He was clutching his baby brother chest to chest and had just made it to the top of the stairs. AAAHHHH...I couldn't help but laugh because he was so proud of himself and he is so proud of being my big helper. I also think he was proud that he could do what his sister didn't dare to do. (She was following close behind and hadn't tried to stop him) When I went downstairs later after my heart attack subsided, I found that he had also fed him a little formula. Which to me was amazing. We have little premade bottles that we got at the hospital. He opened one by himself and even found a disposable nipple and had fed Cash half of the bottle before deciding to carry him upstairs for me to burp him. Today while I showered he decided to take the baby downstairs. It's not cute anymore. I guess I can't practice good hygiene unless there is another adult in the house.

Can you tell this picture was taken with a wide angle lens? My face looks distorted, but maybe that's just my face.

What did you do for Valentines Day?
I rented a movie to watch alone after the kids went to bed.
But then I fell asleep before they did.
And then I had to wake up to get them to sleep.
And feed the baby.
And then figure out why the baby wouldn't go back to sleep.
And then feed the baby again.
Then Max fell out of bed.
And I had to get him back to sleep.
And then I had to go refill my water and get a cookie.
And now it's midnight and I'm awake.


patty said...

I had a great day. I visited 3 really nice ladies. One who just moved into our ward. She had a stroke a few years ago and is younger than me. She was so happy and positive despite not being able to talk. Then I went to the Heirloom Inn and visited 2 ladies from the ward who have moved out there. It was so fun to sit and talk with them. They are both the sweetest girls. One is 89 and she still works at the hospital as a Pink Lady. The other is 90 and so nice to visit. Jerry also took me to lunch and gave me candy before he went to Colorado. It was a good Valentine's Day for me.

Randi said...

Me and Carson ate about 5 valentine cookies throughout the day. I made Jackson chicken adobo. The smell kind of got to me and I didn't really eat it, but I got major brownie points for that. For valentines Jackson is "letting" me go to San Fran and is going to watch Carson most of the time. I hope they both survive!

Melanie said...

Hi Suzy! I haven't been blogging or reading blogs for months so I am very slow at congratulating you on your little guy! He is adorable and I can't believe he has gained a pound already! I also can't believe Max is big enough to carry him up and down the stairs.

Kent and I went to lunch at Olive Garden for Valentine's Day. I was happy that they let me order parmesian encrusted tilapia off of the dinner menu. We had gone to Walmart on Saturday night to look for a romantic movie to watch Monday night and couldn't find one so ended up watching an old "Criminal Minds" while "The Bachelor" was recording. Then Kent napped while I watched "The Bachelor". Yay Michelle from Utah was finally sent home! LOL

Katie wrote a blog for me a couple of weeks ago and has threatened to do so again, so I plan on getting back to blogging so the nagging will stop. :)

Joey said...

thats one of my favorite picture of you.

Sarah said...

he is so adorable, congrats!