Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cash's Blessing

Thank you to everyone who came and visited us for little Mr. Cash's blessing day.

We had lots of friends and family come and stay and it was so much fun!

I hate when everyone starts to gather up their stuff to go!

I didn't take any pictures. Oops. I am waiting to take some of Cash for when his baby zits finally go away. Poor thing. The flash overexposed them right out of this picture luckily.

Besides a little mishap with a lowcut shirt + rushed nursing, it was a good day.

Sorry to anyone who got a show!


Joey for blessing all of our babies. I think you are brave and thoughtful and articulate.

Kelly, Randi and Kelli for bringing treats.

Patty and Jerry for taking the whole crew out to dinner on Saturday and for the potato salad.

Lori & Brian for all the treats and especially for helping get things ready and staying late to help clean up. And by help I mean that I didn't help at all.

Kayleigh for mopping even though you knew as you were doing it that you would have to redo it in a few hours.

Mom and Dad for the blessing outfit! (My mom crocheted/knitted ?? a little sweater and a hat to dress it up a bit)

And Max and Kade for providing the entertainment.

These two little boys found themselves in my messy bedroom, unsupervised. I would have liked to have heard their sweet little voices planning their mischief. But alas, I heard nothing at all until Joey's aunt Lori came in the kitchen and told me that there was some sort of pink sticky liquid pouring down from my balcony. On my way up to investigate I passed all the kids in the house laughing and running away from my bedroom, except Max and Kade. We found Kade hiding in the bathtub. Kayleigh finally found Max in his closet, trying to hold the door shut from the inside. Haha. Silly boys. Those two stinkers found every single body spray, tooth paste, lotion, piece of make-up and liquid hair product and dumped/squeezed/and sprayed them onto the deck outside of our room. Good excuse to buy new things, right? Most of it was so old that I shouldn't have been using it anyway. And luckily the mess was mostly contained to my deck. Gwen was pretty upset about her $2.50 detangler though.

Can you believe that no one got a picture??

That one would've made it to Max's hall of fame. Maybe we will recreate it.

What messes have you had to clean up this week?


Nanette said...

I wish I could've been there. It has been so long since I have seen you guys. I love Cash's blessing outfit. It is so cute. I can't believe the mischief that Max gets into. You will have a lot of great stories to tell and laugh about when he is older.:)

Randi said...

I can't believe I missed it. I would of loved to hear those two. Also THANKS to the babysitter!!!

Jennie said...

Oh my gosh. I just got Cash's announcement in the mail and LOVE it!!! I'm officially hiring you to do the ones for my next baby. AND if you live in NC I can drive to your house and you can take pictures of my baby, too. You should move. Everyone's doing it. Cool people move to the south. I'm an hour from NC. I used to drive 8 hours on weekends to visit my sister when she was doing a rotation out here. Each way. With a baby. Seriously, though. We've thought about moving back, but worry now about uprooting our family. But hey, we moved around and I was fine? I think?