Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This post is going to be all about me.

I'm selfish like that.

It has recently come to my attention that I am boring.

I don't have any interesting interests.

Or was it that I'm not interested in anything?

Well that needs to change.

So in true mindless Suzy fashion...

I'm asking all of you...what should my new hobby be?

It doesn't necessarily have to be a hobby...but what should I be interested in?

What do you like to spend your time doing?

Let me tell you some things I like to do.

My very favorite thing to do is read.

Of course that is kind of a lazy interest, right? Lots of sitting around.

I am obsessed with WWII...anything about it.

But that is kind of a pointless thing to know lots about.

I am also kind of obsessed with Great Britain.

The history of it, its actors, its prince. (Not anymore, but I used to think I wanted to marry him...weird I know.)

I like to take pictures, but that is a job it doesn't count.

I do a little scrapbooking, but I get behind and then I throw things together just to catch up.'s gonna be tough, but let's brainstorm.

What could I be good at?

My real goal is to be passionate about something.

So tell me what you are passionate about and why...give me a little jumpstart.

Ok....think. And comment.


Nat said...

I'm also obsessed with WWII. I'll read anything I can get my hands on that has to do with WWII. Not to encourage your obsession, but Ghost Soldiers was a good book. It was kind of graphic, though.

Anyway, I love cooking and sewing. Those are my hobbies. They are therapy for me. The only thing I don't love about cooking is cleaning it up. Thankfully the hubs is fine with cleaning it up for me. He even gets a good meal out of it!

Good luck with your hobby search and let us know what you chose. I guess there's always the Opera or Bunko. I've never done either, but they might be fun.

patty said...

I'm curious about how your boringness was brought to your attention. You are not boring. Now if you are bored, that's different. My friend Jane always said she would devote 10 years to a hobby and then move on. She has done that. Also I loved how Brother Ray (7th ward) would learn a new skill or study something new each year. He would pursue something that sounded interesting until he felt he had learned enough to decide whether to continue or move on. He is a very interesting man. One year he learned to be a blacksmith. So my advice is that you don't have to be locked into a certain hobby. It's all about exploring. right? And you can do that with books too.

patella2 said...

I'm feeling pretty boring now too. I guess my hobbies include trying to make my house look like we didn't just move in, and deal-finding. -Alicia

Layne said...

I guess you don't have to be good at something to be passionate. I love words and letters. I like trying to figure out how language works, why it works, how I can use it. Kind of a lazy hobby as well though. You could adventure into writing. With all the reading you have done you would probably be good at it. Also it doesn't take much to do. If you do it and you feel it is too lazy you can take it up a notch by going and do and learning any and everything and then writing about that. Plus you could someday make money off of it if you had some learning self exploration series.
You could learn to peel an orange so that the peel is one piece...

The Belnaps said...

Mostly I have too many kids to have a hobby..i used to scrapbook but now i am 4 years behind and overwhelmed and I need to learn to scrapbook digitally..which i should have you teach me..anyways I thought at one point i needed a hobby..because Nate has i thought it might be gardening and yardwork-ish stuff..ya that's working really well in my 40 acre yard (read sarcastically) thus I am boring too..and you are not cuz at least you have your photography. Oh and have you read "Unbroken" it's a number one seller on the Kindle list..and my friend said it was way good and a true story. I am going to read when I give myself permission again..It sortof consumes me and I just finished the Hunger I need to pay attention to my kids for a min. Whew..long comment

Shauntel said...

I love to cook and bake right now. I'm into trying new foods. It's a little expensive, I bought a $10 spice. Ryan shook his head at that. I'm also into finding stuff for my kids to do besides watch TV. I figure if I get them away from the tube for an hour a week I'm progressing.

Loriannie said...

hmm- I never would have said you were boring. You are definitely interesting to talk to, and you seem to have a pretty wide range of topics you can converse on. Have you made a bucket list with things you want to do before you... can't any more? I thought I wanted to learn how to quilt, but after I made one I realized it wasn't my passion. I would love to develop my art skills but I am at the point where I need to spend serious dollars to go to the next phase. (Good equipment does matter, no matter what I used to think)
Reading is such a good hobby. I love biographies the most, especially about non movie stars.
By the way, I do NOT cry when you are sarcastic about me in your blogs!

Nanette said...

I love to read to and I don't think it is a lazy hobby at all. I learn so much from reading. I love, love history too. It is so fascinating. I don't get how you say you are boring. You take really great pictures of people. That takes a lot of talent.

My newest interest lately has been exercising. Going to the gym helps me to destress and it also has helped me to be less depressed. They have a daycare there so I also get a break from my kids, which is a plus.

I've been watching a lot of HGTV lately and I want to remodel my whole house... if only I had the money.

So I guess those are my 2 suggestions. Maybe you already do them. I don't know.