Friday, March 18, 2011

What is wrong with this picture?

This is just one con to having more than one kid....

or to having kids at all...

they NEVER cooperate!

( your eyes this time guys!)

(Is she being a smart aleck or sincere? Sometimes I can't tell.)

(Still can't tell, but if I've learned anything from taking pictures of other peoples kids it is that telling a child that their smile is weird NEVER ends with smiling kids.)

(Okay...Mom is starting to get irritated...let's all open our eyes and smile for the SAME picture.)

(No one liked that idea.)

(Now baby is irritated...and Max is trying to whistle.)

(Maybe it's better if we don't look at the camera...better luck next time.)

Are you wondering why two of my children were not wearing green for St. Patrick's day?

The real question is why Max hasn't changed his clothes or bathed since St. Patrick's day?

He's not so sure that the pinching leprechauns leave right after the holiday and he isn't taking any chances.

(It certainly has nothing to do with me or my housewife/parenting skills.)




Emily P said...

Cash is starting to look chubby. He looks so cuddly and I am sad cause I am not there to cuddle with him! Your kids may frustrate you while you were taking pics of them, but it made me laugh! I miss you guys!

Nanette said...

I hate taking my kids to get pictures, because they never cooperate at the same time. I can't wait until they are older. Your kids are so cute! Gwen looks just like you.

Melanie said...

I didn't think you ever had problems taking pictures. I'm glad to see you're human!

Loriannie said...

I loved the pics, your camera phone takes better pictures than mine. I love the way you blog with your pictures telling a story.It's a good thing we snapped a few blessing pictures too, there was a lot going on that day.