Thursday, March 03, 2011

Winter Swim Lessons

I was ambitious back when I was pregnant.

Maybe ambitious is the wrong word.

Unless ambitious and lazy have ever meant the same thing.

But anyway...when I was pregnant I signed the kids both up for swim lessons.

Lessons that would start the first week of Cash's life.

When I knew I would be all alone.

It was kind of a stupid decision, but now they are over and we are all alive and the kids loved them!

Did I mention that they were EVERY SINGLE day of the week? That part wasn't awesome.

Plus getting your soaking wet kids back to the car in freezing temperatures just feels wrong.

Can you tell this one has an aversion to food?

Both kids learned a lot and had to get way out of their comfort zones. Both things were fun to watch.

I was watching HOARDERS last night and don't feel very good about the state my house is in. One woman last night said, "I just got behind one day and I've never caught back up." Uh-oh. I might be in trouble. Cash decided not to sleep last night. I know, I know...what mom of a newborn ever gets any sleep? But usually he is good, so it was hard to take. After he had finally dozed off this morning at about 5:30, Max yelled my name from his room to ask his he could come sleep with me. That woke the baby up again. Then at 6:30 Gwen decided she had had enough sleep on a NO SCHOOL DAY!!! Kayleigh was doing her nails today and she just couldn't sleep. (She didn't get her nails done until 9!!) And on top of it all I have mastitis again.

Also this morning I got a text from my mom telling me that my grandma died early this morning. Sorry for bothering you with my trivial day to day problems when you called me today Dad! I hope it got your mind off of your bigger problems. I love you!

Who wants to come and get my older kids for a few hours??
Would it be weird to call a babysitter when I'm not actually doing anything?


Nat said...

Ha ha ha! I have wondered the same thing about babysitting!

The Johnsons said...

Oh Suzy, I feel for you. It gets better, or you just get used to it. I wish I was closer I would love to take your kids.

jasonadams said...

I learned how to swim by my dad taking me out on a boat in a lake and throwing me in. Surprisingly, I'm a pretty strong swimmer.

Sarah said...

You are such a great mom. The newborn stage is so hard, but as Cassie said, it gets better. Call if you ever just need to chat, I would love to catch up.