Friday, April 01, 2011

Birthday Buddies!

Today was my birthday.

It was a good one.

Thanks everyone for all the presents and birthday wishes!

I got visits from my parents, Kelly and Erik and kids and Em and Hayden and kids!

I got a Big Bun Bakery cake. (They closed yesterday so Joey had pre ordered it...the best bakery in the world, but little ol' Richfield couldn't make it happen.)

I share my b-day with TWO family members.

My mom's baby sister is the first one.

This is her with my mum and my uncle Joel.
I was even named after her.
I always thought that was pretty special...and I have two middle names.

And the second is my cousin Heather.
Her mom was visiting my mom the night before I was born and got stuck in a snowstorm. Which means, she missed her little girls b-day. Sad. But she got to be there to help my mom out with my sisters while I was born. (Which I've been told was the easiest birth in the history of the world.)

This was my 8th birthday right after my baptism. I was a weird little kid.
And I hated to have my hair done, maybe as much as Gwen hates to do hers.
Maybe I should cut her some slack.

Go to Kelly's blog if you want to see "The Trump" that Erik ordered at the best restaurant in little 'ol Monroe. What is up with all the good food in Sevier County?

(I don't know what is on Kelly's blog, but if the Trump isn't there yet, check back later. And her blog is hilarious, so it won't be a waste of time.)

What is the BEST birthday you've ever had?


jasonadams said...

Its interesting that family members seem to have birthdays around each other. I also share my birthday with my aunt and my grandfather. Happy Birthday by the way. Are you going down to for easter?

slp said...

You forgot your mama's aunt Linda Nesse. She too shares your birthday. And Brent Martindale too! (I never knew that one until I saw it on FB this year.)
We sure enjoyed spending early birthday time with you and your family on Thursday!!

Nat said...

Happy birthday!

DD said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!

Loriannie said...

My best birthday was definitely my harry Potter birthday! The floating candles in midair were pretty awesome.
It was fun to spend time with your little family on Thursday. Enjoy your last year in the 20's!!! :)

Andrea said...

The Big Bun Bakery closed?!?! That's completely tragic. :( So, so yummy. I'm glad you got to enjoy some for your birthday. Wish they would have lasted til mine... Oh, and Happy Birthday! ;)

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, birthday buddy!
I've always thought it was special to have two nieces born on my birthday and extra special that you and I share a middle name!

This year was one of my favorite birthdays because I got to spend a whole day with Kent and all six of our kids and some of their spouses and all five of our grandkids. I didn't even get any super duper presents but I was feeling well and enjoyed dressing up for Chelsea's "mocktail" party. Can you believe I also share a birthday with my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? No foolin! Love you!

Nanette said...

I love the old pictures! Looks like you had a good birthday!