Monday, May 02, 2011

Our Polygamistish Family Picture

I have been checked out of life for awhile.

I still am.

But I thought my blog could do with a little update.

Let's start with the little man in this picture who refuses to smile for any camera.

But at least we got a wink out of him.

Last week while Joey and I were talking in the car, we suddenly tuned in to Max and heard him singing a little ditty about the "F" word. Basically it was the "F" word over and over, but sung to a sweet little tune. He didn't know what he was saying, just came upon the word while he was rhyming to himself.

Yesterday I was wakened from a little Sunday nap on the couch to Max using the "D" word very correctly. Oh man.

We have also had a little trouble with him and the "S" word, but we won't talk about that as it makes me look bad.

Since we are relocating to Phoenix soon, I decided to finish up Max's vaccinations today.

This day made it to my top 5 worst days of my life.

I thought I would prepare Max for what was coming while we waited for the nurse.

Bad idea.

He started begging me to tell the nurse that she couldn't give him shots.

He was crying.

It was heartbreaking.

I can't even talk about it.

It was horrible.

He didn't cuss a single time.

He did scream though.

He told the doctor that he wished he was at the dentist.

And I have been carrying him around all day.

The doctor did reassure me about Max's horrible eating habits, incontinence, distaste for underwear, and overall general health. So the day wasn't a total bust.

Well...this blog really took it out of me. (Did I mention that I have brittle nails and it hurts to type? hair is falling out.)

Stay tuned for more of our inappropriate family adventures.

Also...does anyone have a realistic and stylish wig that I could borrow?


The Belnaps said...

Don't you love the post birth hair fall out...i seriously thought i was going bald..ang in there..also I know you are moving and soon, but are you doing any more photo sessions? My kids are in need of an update..let me know..or I'll send you a text

The Willdens said...

My hair is still falling out! I thing I shed more than our dog...(sorry not a pretty picture) I asked Nanette when hers stopped. She told me when Colin was 7-8 months. yay. only three more months of it... Good luck with the move! Is it for Joey's work?

Jennie said...

People say that hair falling out is normal after you have a baby. But my hair sure feels a heck of a lot thinner than it used to be! Doctor's visits suck. That's all there is to it. I think of my top 5 worst day of my life, 4 of them are doctor's visits.

Jennie said...

AND it sucks that you're moving to Arizon and not North Carolina.

Amy said...

You guys are moving to Arizona! That is exciting. New places are always fun! Why their? I hope you all are doing well. Miss you!