Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gym Adventures

My baby got bit on the forehead while he was being babysat at the gym.

This is what it looked like when I picked him up. Not too bad. And what can I do about it? It's already happened. It's not my job to punish the child who did it. And the girls watching him were super uncomfortable and had probably been scared that I was going to freak out and yell at them.

But really...if you drop your children off at a place with 50+ other children, odds are that something unpleasant is going to happen to your child at some point.

The boy that bit him was little too, obviously a little older because he has teeth and a biting problem. But I'm sure his parents were embarrassed when they found out and I guarantee that they are already aware that their child bites.

So what would be the point in freaking out or throwing a fit?

By the time I got home, it looked like this...a little worse. Joey was not very happy, so I'm really glad I was the one who picked him up. (Do you love his sweet little comb over?)

Then one day I was waiting to check my kids out of the gym and the lady in front of me was throwing a super fit about someone picking on her kid. The kid was fine and I was sick of waiting. I looked at Joey like, "Can you believe this lady?" I wasn't paying much attention and then my little Gwen pipes up and says, "Are you looking for the person who sat on this boy?" The mother says, "yes." (First of all...why is she looking for the kid? Lodge a complaint, but what will finding him accomplish?) Then Gwen says, "Oh. It was him. My brother. Max."

I died a little inside. It was embarrassing and I don't want to talk about it. Some other kids were also punching this kid in the face, mine only sat on him for a second. But it was humiliating and the lady still wouldn't leave after I apologized profusely. I'm not sure what she wanted. Money? I don't know what else I could have done publicly and I wasn't about to yell at my son in front of all those people. I do my yelling behind closed doors.

So I don't throw fits. Because stuff happens. And next week it will be your kid.

So onto all of the familiar faces I've seen so far...

Joey's cousin Katie's husband Ben. I didn't say anything. I'm not sure he would know who I was.

Shauntel's husband Ryan. Also didn't approach him to say hello. I saw him as my belly fat was being measured.

Angie from Good Things Utah. Is that her name?

Nicea Degerring from Good Things Utah. I saw her at the pool today too. Do you think they are sick of people staring at them all the time? They are like local celebrities.

And Michelle from the Bachelor. She is pretty.

And my very favorite star sighting was this girl that I have been blog stalking for YEARS. I saw her picking up her kids at the same time as me. I ALMOST went up and talked to her like we knew each other. Then I realized we don't. So then I was going to go introduce myself. And then I remembered that I was having this crazy eye problem that day. (I can't remember what Brian called it, but he did prescribe me something later that day that fixed me right up.) It was only in one eye and I was super sensitive to light and I couldn't open that one eye very big and it was all red and I really did look like a squinty eyed monster. So I didn't talk to her. I walked behind her all the way to my car wishing that we were best friends. BUT one of my best friends from elementary school IS one of her best friends, so.....yeah. We still don't know each other.

(Picture borrowed without permission. That is what blog stalkers do.)
She really is this cute in real life and she has the most amazing hair ever. I was totally jealous.

I also saw one of Randi's best friends from college in the locker room the other day, and last week I thought I saw my cousin, but she was dressing out in the open and I was embarrassed. I saw her later that day at a shower and it turned out it wasn't her at all. So I'm glad I didn't approach her.


Elyse.Beard said...

Michele from the bachelor is a slut!

Shauntel said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Joey. I was upstairs he was down. Funny. I hate having my fat measured, it kind of hurts! Maybe I'm a baby. I love seeing the GTU girls. I stare too. My favorite celeb sighting has been Thurl Bailey. That was cool. I love the gym. I love the child center. My kids are big enough to defend themselves though.
I never watched the bachelor, but if Elyse says Michele is a slut I agree. I blog stalk her and wish we were best friends. Serisously.

Jennie said...

I love that you saw michele! Personally, I thought she was hilarious. I ALSO love the gym story. Someone I know takes her kids personal hygiene really seriously. She would always bad mouth parents who let their kids get cavities...until her own kid (3 years old) got TWO!! She has since come to realize that you really can't say anything about other people's kids because, like you said, you never know when it will be yours...

The Van Tassells said...

You've seen a lot of celebrities! Sounds like everyone goes to your gym! Nanette takes her kids to the gym daycare... I don't think anything has happened to them yet, but it's probably bound to happen! Cute baby!!! :)

Niki said...

O Suzy..... reading your blog brings back the days.... Tons of laughs!!!!