Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here We Are

We live in Arizona now.

I drove here alone with 3 kids and it was easy peasy lemon squeezy...for the first 12 hours.

It could be bordering on child abuse that I crammed those kids in the car for so long with so few breaks. But they were angels and didn't complain a single I took advantage of their good nature. I was pumping and mixing formula in the drivers seat like it was my job. (I guess that WOULD be considered a "job" of a stay at home mom.) We stopped after 2 hours to run some last minute errands in Richfield. We got to see some of our favorite neighbors at Christensens.

When we left Richfield and I was asking the kids to put their seatbelts on, Gwen asked why it was the law to wear seatbelts. I told her that if you got in a wreck you could die. She said, "Why is it against the law to die?" She is definitely Joey's child.

Then we drove all the way to Flagstaff.

We could have driven longer, but we were out of gas.

I have to give credit where credit is due. My kids were so excited for the trip mostly to see Joey. But they were also looking forward to a giant basket of traveling goodies that they got from their Aunts Randi, Kelly and Dion and grandma Patty. This basket was FULL of treats and activities. There were even slinkys! The kids had been looking at it on the kitchen counter for over a week and I seriously think this was the sole reason for their good behavior. They spent a solid hour and a half just drawing on dry erase boards. They were even complimenting one another on their art work. There were also stickers in the basket. Since Max can't read, Gwen was telling him what his stickers said. He gave her a sticker that said "beautiful" and told her that she was beautiful. Then he handed me a sticker that said "super" and said, "It is because you are super big." Haha.

It was POURING in Flagstaff and parking lots were flooding. But I texted Joey and he assured me that Phoenix is dry as a bone.

With an hour and a half left on our journey, not a SINGLE fight between siblings (can you believe that?) and no potty accidents, we were directed OFF the freeway and detoured 10 miles to another on ramp. No big deal except that we were about the 500th car back. It added over an hour to the trip. I was unhappy. The kids were unhappy. We almost made it with zero contention. Oh well. Gwen started tattling. Max started annoying her. She tortured him. He almost broke the baby's pinky (not intentionally...I hope.). It got miserable FAST.

Then 6 miles from our destination I got pulled over.

Gwen started to cry. Max said a little prayer in the back seat.

Can you tell that we use unreasonable methods to get the kids to behave in the car? They are terrified of police men.

I only got a warning, but that mandatory written warning that I was told goes right into the trash added another half an hour to my trip. Once while we were waiting, Gwen asked why he needed to take my license. I told her he needed to make sure I wasn't a criminal. She said, "What if HE is a criminal?" She also thought that he would be able to tell when he looked up my record that I had been in marching band. She was imagining him coming back to the car laughing. Nice.

Now we live in an apartment.

I forgot how thin the walls in apartment buildings are.

And it is really hot here. At midnight.

We are starting homeschool in the morning. Only for a few weeks until I get all signed up for k12. (Thanks for all the homeschool links Kelly.) Tomorrow is testing and our first sign language lesson. I just learned mom, dad, sister and brother. I figure that is something all three kids can learn. Maybe.


Where can I find a decent CHEAP vaccuum? I couldn't fit mine in the car. It was the vaccuum or Gwen.

Any suggestions on how to teach/learn sign language?

Also...any of you awesome couponers or deal finders...I also need a mop, broom and lots of groceries. Any good deals floating around out there? I could also use a bed frame, kitchen table and chairs and dressers. I plan on hitting up lots of yard sales.


kellyrass said...

Don't they have an IKEA and a Costco??? Good luck with home-school this morning - I'm glad I still have time! PS- Gwen's package came back to me. Apparently you can send big manilla envelopes covered in postage stamps anymore- it is considered suspicious. I will forgo the USPS and go straight to UPS today. She will get it soon!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the move. Hope every thing goes well for you. I have an awesome CD/DVD combo for teaching and learning sign language, but it's at the preschool. If I remember I will look at the name and text you with the info.

Randi said...

I hope your not dying of heat! And I can't believe you made it all the way in one day!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

I'm so excited for you guys! All my family is up (down) there! Seriously, if you have any questions, need help, or just want to make a friend, feel free to ask my cousin Alicia! You can add her on fb and she can help you with whatever! She is great! Alicia Hallman! That's get name!

Alicia said...

You made it! Hopefully you won't have to make that drive by yourself again. The same thing happened to us on a few of our trips, we had an extra hour added because of an accident or construction. So frustrating!
Try for used stuff. It's like the KSL classifieds. You can use it to get rid of stuff when you move, too.
Try a local library for sign language movies, or if you want to buy them.

Loriannie said...

I want to go see you? NOW! We are planning on coming to see you on our way back from Texas. Does your apartment have room for a pirates treasure chest or will you want to kill me if I bring it? I will put a prize for you in it if you let me bring it to the kids. Also, I have new pages for their books.

The Belnaps said...

Ok you need the DVD's called "signing times" they are seriously amazing..they are one of the only things Maggie will watch and she knows lots of can check them out at and I know they are pricey but amazon has them too. Good luck in AZ!

Nat said...

I would laugh at you for being in marching band, too.

Oh wait...

Congratulations on a mostly happy drive with three kids. That is amazing!!

Niki said...

I Love the Marching band part!!!! I am glad you are happy and have a cute family!!

DD said...

"signing time"
It's a series of dvds and they are so good!
Catchy music!
I can't believe you conquer a move and homeschool
You rock!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I've needed to check your blog before now, I didn't realize AZ was your new home! And I can't believe you're doing Homeschool. You'll be great. I'm glad you made it and can't wait to read more adventures. Love you!

The Johnsons said...

Your gone! How sad! I wish we could have got together before you left. Good luck out there!

Jessi said...

Hey, this is jessi(one of Joey's converts, incase you forgot)
We live in Surprise in the northwest side of the valley. Really if you need any help with anything at all just let me know. I just stay home with my two kids and am available most of the time.

Jessi said...

Yeah you are right below us! It's about a 20 minute drive. Kellen will be 4 in January and Bailey is 2 next month. We should definitely do lunch. We've lived here a little over a year so I could be of some help with any questions you may have. You are welcome to come to our home or we could come that way. There's not really anywhere to meet in-between.