Friday, October 14, 2011

Apartment Life

It is gross to know who lived in an apartment before you.

If you never meet the previous tenants you can pretend that it was a nice little family with a superclean mom.

But once you know, you will always picture them while you are cleaning the toilets.

And when you notice the spackle around the doorknob of a bedroom, a telltale sign of domestic discontent.

Or when you have to unplug the bathroom sink and lots of gross unidentifiable things wash up into your sink.

It was my idea to live in an apartment.  Joey resisted.  I thought it would be a fun adventure.  Less responsibility, more time with the kids.  I also envisioned how quickly it would be to tidy up. (My imagination neglected to conjure up images of how easy it would also be to untidy up and how there would be nowhere to put they go on the floor.)

The first few weeks we moved in, we got a lot of mail from previous occupants.  We learned that it was 2 or 3 boys living here.  Boys are gross.  Especially with no girls to clean up after them.  We learned that we frequent the same gym.  After Max started opening their mail we also learned that they had been evicted.  I am aware that opening mail is a felony or something.  (I sound pretty aware, huh?)  This is why when an envelope was opened containing a refund check from a community college I didn't know what to do. Admit that I opened it and that I would really like to find who the check belonged to, because I would want someone to do the same for me.  The office had no forwarding information.  Google searches came up with my own address.  So I held on to it and planned on at least calling the school to let them know they should try to find him somewhere else.  Before I could do that (4 weeks is not long enough to get around to such things.) I had a visitor.  The kids and I had just gotten home from the pool and I was directing them a little louder than I probably should in an apartment building when there was a knock at the door.  I was instantly annoyed thinking for sure it would be neighbors asking us to keep it down and I would have to be all polite and apologize and make empty promises.  Instead it was a 20 something man with bigger gauges in his ears than I have ever seen, baggy pants and a wife beater tank top.

 Our first visitor in Arizona.

 (I will admit that in the time it took him to start talking I had already come up with a plan of attack and our escape route.) 

It turns out that the refund check belonged to him.  I was so relieved because I really did worry once in awhile that this poor young man who was evicted was in need of a little cash.  And he wasn't even angry that we had opened his mail.  Lots of it.

But now when I clean the house and find weird/gross things that probably came from my own darling children, I can only picture that nice young man with giant holes in his ears.

We had more visitors today.  I answered the door and two pretty and professionally dressed ladies were standing at my door.

They flashed some badges and told me they needed to ask me some questions.  I probably should have asked them some questions before I started informing like a communist on my neighbors.  Since I have only seen them a few times when we happen to leave our apartments at the same time, I don't think I could do much damage.  But I still should have thought twice when they asked me if it was alright to put my name down on the record.  Oh naive little Suzy.  Well...I hope we don't get murdered in our beds.

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Layne said...

So is that actually the guy or some random picture... you don't randomly ask people to take pictures? :P
Apartment life = cops randomly(or not so randomly) showing up about other tenets. So true. I also hope that you don't get murdered as I once hoped I wouldn't but people move in and out of apartments... sometimes.
I wish we had a B&N here, lucky(previous blog).

Though you are lucky because now there is construction behind your old cedar city house, wouldn't that be fun, you missed that by a few years though I guess.

Another comment an the previous blog, I have go to book sections too. Chemistry an Linguistics are my sections, nerdy huh? I have added nutrition recently too though... even though I don't often employ what I read.