Monday, October 24, 2011


Max turned 5!
When we named Max I was always worried that people would call him "Maxi" which I think sounds really girly.  And then I started worrying even more that if people called him "Maxi" what was stopping them from calling him "Maxi Pad"? 

So silly I know, but I put a stop to that before it had a chance to happen by directing people to use the alternate nickname of "Maxo" if I heard "Maxi" come out of anyones mouth.

Of course he hasn't gotten to 6th grade yet, so we'll see if my worst nickname nightmares come true.

(In related news Gwen told us yesterday that she HATES a boy at school because he insists on calling her "Larry".  I tried explaining to her about how boys flirt in 2nd grade and then to prove me wrong she spilled the whole story.  One of her teachers accidentally (??) called her Larry when they were calling the roll one day... and now the kids can't seem to forget.  A teacher called her Larry?)

Well anyway, Max-o turned 5 last week.

He is a pretty easy going little man and wouldn't give me much help planning a party.

Except to tell me that he didn't want to invite anyone from preschool or his primary class.

Except his best Arizona friend Max.

I won't drag it out cause I've learned that no one cares about the details.
We went to a big warehouse full of trampolines.
Then we went to McDonald's.

(This is Gwen and Max's brother Griffen....more on that later.)

Max got lots of gifts....thanks everyone who thought of Max on his special day!
One of his favorites was the bag of rubber bands that I his sister bought him to make a rubber band ball.

Here are some pictures of fun things we did before we put Gwen back in we sit around and wait for her to get out of school...and then we are so tired from sitting around that we sit around some more.

Phoenix Children's Museum

 Indoor swap meet by our house that will paint anything you want on your face for free

Railroad Park in Scottsdale

Awesome Lego Store in the mall.
(We had to leave after a few minutes...they sell any piece you could dream of out of these little bins.  So perfect for little hands to slip into their pockets.)

I bought this cheap little vacuum perfect for apartment vacuuming.  After I got it out of the box Max saw it with its little handle in the storing position. (The handle retracts like 2 inches...cause it would be super hard to store otherwise.)  He automatically assumed that I bought a little boy vacuum for him.  Score.  Both of my kids have always been scared of the vacuum... and now it's their new favorite pastime.  (Any tips on how to de-scarify them of flushing the toilet?)

This is Max's Halloween costume.
One day while we were getting into our very hot car and trying to remember if we forgot anything before we drove out of our very hot parking lot, Max was asking a million questions.
His newest game is to say the first sounds of a word and make you guess what he is going to say.
( what I'm going to say?)
It is impossible and he doesn't let you give up.
So while I was trying to find the keys he won't quit this game and I got impatient and told him to hold on until we got on the road. 
He was quiet for a second and then said, "Mom...I feel like you are turning into the devil."
I started to laugh and looked back at him to apologize and this is what I saw...
He is a funny little man.
Since then he routinely tells me that I am letting the devil control me when I need it most.

I took this picture while I was trying to indoctrinate him into being Darth Vader for Halloween.
Joey We had a brilliant idea for family Halloween costumes this year, but it's always kind of tricky to get Max to go along with it.  Remember how we were supposed to be super villains last year to go along with the super hero family that we were the year before?  Gwen was the white witch from Narnia, I was pregnant and lame store bought Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Joey was Skeletor from He-Man? And at the last minute Max decided that he WOULD NOT be a bad guy. So he was He-man to go along with Joey....which left Gwen still looking cute in her original homemade costume and me looking like a weirdo.

Well not this year.  I was determined to make him conform.

Since he is too young to watch Star Wars, I took him on a drive where he was less likely to get away from me and told him the whole story of Star Wars.  Then we came home and watched all my favorite parts on Youtube.  That did it.  

This picture is of him using the force to stop me from taking pictures.

This one is one of my all time favorites.

We were on a long car drive to the mall.

I looked over and he was asleep and it looked so cute so I took a picture.

After 20 minutes or so I heard giggling.

He was pretending to be asleep.

He is dedicated.

More to come on our awesome Halloween costumes!! (I hope they're awesome.  Joey is the brains behind Halloween and although he came up with the idea, he is at school 14/6 so it is up to me to make it happen.  I have never been very good at making things happen.)


1.What horrible nicknames can you imagine mean kids coming up with for my remaining children?  What nicknames have you been called or have been afraid your kids would be called?

2.What are you dressing up as for Halloween?


kellyrass said...

So sorry we missed Max's day! A package will be coming . . . sometime!! Claire has been calling me Jelly Belly Kelly. Kids really can be cruel/

Elyse.Beard said...

I am guilty of calling max Maxi. Whoops. I knew you bred it from the beginning, sometimes I just forget.

People call me Elsie, and though it's not a nickname, it makes me feel like a cow. My family calls me weese, but it's lane too.

I think im being a pregnant troll with a jewel on my belly and pink stand up hair. I wish I had a better idea

Shauntel said...

Show and tell. Enough said. People sometimes call J.R. R.J. and I hate it because of the clown. I'm not good at nicknames. So I feel like your other two are safe.

The Belnaps said...

Ok so as far as nicknames go, you should never name your kid Tucker..ok right? and the Halloween thing is a no go for year Nate and I almost divorced because I wanted to go to a party and he DID NOT..i finally won and he went as a UPS driver and I went as a original right? But at least I got to go

Loriannie said...

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. I am sure you remember the great lengths I went to embarrass the family at Halloween. I really don't like it any more. I used to have to draw scary wrinkles on my face and spray gray in my hair to be a witch.
I think Cash will be too popular to be teased by money jokes. I hope he likes to dress all in black and has a great sense of humor when I call him Sue.
I am being a witch again for halloween.
It's not a stretch any more.