Thursday, October 20, 2011


My card reader is broken.

It won't upload my pictures. 

And I have birthday pictures to post.

It's my only card reader.

Isn't it just like LIFE that as quick as you can check things off of your "to do" list, something happens and you have three new things to add?

Well...Max turned 5. 

I guess I'll blog about it after I buy a new card reader.

My kids are in bed and I accomplished a lot today. 

But for some reason I just got really sad.

Can I be that honest on here?

Sad for no reason.

I might even cry.

Probably not though.

What makes you sad?


Loriannie said...

Today I texted dad during a training meeting I was in, and I guess i was sounding a little sad and he responded with, "have you eaten lunch yet?" So I guess low blood sugar makes me sad. Sometimes just being too tired will do the same. Sometimes it's Max's little voice on my phone message and I am sad I am not with him to celebrate his birthday. (I was pretty psyched that he talked so long on the phone with me, since he is usually not that talkative!)

patty said...

What makes me sad? When Suzy is sad.

Layne said...

I think when we feel sad for no reason really there are reasons that we don't want to think about or have all but forgotten. If you really meditated for a substantial amount of time on the subject then maybe you would find out the cause of the ache. I know that when I ponder my sorrow I tend to see a trend of self disappointment for goals too lofty I had prior beset myself. Possibly it is time that makes you sad, that is all that could make you sad as it is the only thing we have that we can waste. I think we have been given a few but great things in this life of which are numbered our time and our choice, these two things I ponder most and most grieve me. I choose to waste time.
I think that I can console you in the fact that even as we waste time, time is never really wasted when knowledge or wisdom are gained. I hope you know I love you. I don't say it often.

Alicia said...

I get sad for no reason too. I also get emotional, irritated, impatient, and unmotivated for no reason. =) It's okay to have emotions other than happy, especially when there are big changes in your life like having a baby, or moving out of state.

Emily P said...

I am with Patty. It makes me sad to hear you being sad. I miss you guys so much!