Monday, November 07, 2011


 This was a weird Halloween for our family.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and Joey has always been a good sport and helped to make it fun.

A few years ago he came home for lunch on Halloween day and said that we were going to dress up.

Click here to reminisce with me about the robot year.  It was fun until Joey took Max home cause he was still a baby who didn't care about trick or treating and I was a lone robot in a giant silver box with dryer hoses that made walking very slow and difficult. 

The next year was my favorite.  Click here to see the most awesome super hero family around.

Last year was kinda lame on my part, but you can read how Max ruined it for me by clicking here.

This year Joey is in law school.  He is home for about 9 hours a day and most of those are spent sleeping.  For some reason we let Max be in charge around here.  What can I say, he's a stubborn little man.  HE wanted to be something from Star Wars.  So all my lame brain could come up with was that we would all be something from Star Wars. 

But Joey suggested that we should be a family of Vaders.

It was a good idea...but without him around to direct the costume making, it turned out lame.
(Thanks to everyone who lent us their Vader masks...I promise to get them back to you soon!)

3 days before Halloween

Max had a preschool party and we got to try out our costumes.

 FAIL.  Masks are a bad idea. For anyone.  Because who wants to wear one for more than 5 minutes? 

And my costume kinda depended on it.

People were wondering before the party even started why I was wearing an apron.  

Was I a housewife?

And since my contacts were bothering me it probably looked like I was a battered housewife.

 This is a cute boy from our new ward who was at the party.  He was so photogenic, I couldn't help myself.

 I thought we could pull it off better as a family.  We had a ward trunk or treat that same night.     Who can mistake 5 Vader masks?

 But once again....masks are a bad idea. Especially when your identity depends on it.

 2 days before Halloween we went to a Halloween party at the Cincinnati Reds practice ball park.

Gwen didn't want to be Vader.  Joey couldn't make it.  I didn't want to bother with costumes for Cash and myself.  So Max borrowed a costume from his friend.
And Gwen was a Monster High Doll

 By Halloween it was all a shambles.  There were parts of costumes strewn around our itty bitty apartment.  Gwen had a party at school but couldn't have any unnatural colors in here hair nor could she wear a mask.  Joey had a back up idea of being our own "evil twins". It mainly consisted of wearing a mustache and making evil faces.  So Gwen mixed her back up idea of cowgirl with Joey's back up idea and here is her costume.

By trick or treating time we were total lame-o's.

What is your best costume idea ever?


Hunter Ann said...

Suz! I had the best costume idea for you guys and forgot to tell you! A BLT You and Joey = Bread Three kids = B, L, and T.

The Belnaps said...

seriously you need to go on to pinterest and search halloween costumes..there are some good ones...I know you are totally never gone be through here again..but if you ever are, call me for a photog kids are neglected..BTW..I hate halloween just for the reason of all the other mini parties you have to get dressed up's too dang exhausting

patty said...

Don't give up on the costumes, Suzy. It's what we look forward to every year. The Vaders' look like a lovely family. And the kids are so cute in every costume.

Sarah said...

My posts are never as witty, charming, and fun as yours. That's why I rarely update. I will probably update before the months over, but I love reading your blog. I miss you and your family. Next time you come visit make time for me. Love ya!

Loriannie said...

The vaders are my ALL time favorite!!! Who cares if no one else got it, the pictures are THE best!!! haha! My mood just improved 110 % from looking at the vader family!!!
The only thing that would have been better would have been...nope, can't think of anything better! You rock at Halloween!!!

Elaine Goold said...

Your Halloween tales are my all time favorites! I loved the Vader costumes! And that Cash is a gorgeous baby!! (And I adore Max and Gwen, of course)

Jessi said...

Hey I hardly ever check my blog these days. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Let me know when works for you. I am pretty available as long as I have a little notice. I'd love to meet up!