Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Head wounds and plastic surgeons

My baby Cash had one of these on his head for a few months. 

It started out as a tiny little red spot.

People said it was the beginnings of a mole.

And then it grew.

And grew.

And grew.

Then one day he started rolling over.

And this started happening everyday.

So we took him to his pediatrician.

She referred us to a specialist...

who couldn't get him in until a few months AFTER we moved to Arizona.

So I called a specialist in Arizona.

They asked for my insurance and that is when I realized that our insurance was only good in Utah.

What a headache.

In the meantime we got lots of weird looks when our baby's head would start to bleed randomly at the museum or the grocery store.

A girl at the gym asked if he had a booger on his head.  Really? A booger?

So I gave him an awesome haircut around his protrusion so that we could keep a band-aid on it.

 I called every doctor I could find who might be able to help me.

I finally found one who had an opening sometime before Cash turned 2.

The morning of his appointment I put him in the tub to change his band-aid and clean up his head wound.

And guess what?

That darn thing that had been tormenting us for MONTHS just fell right off.

I rushed over to my mother in law who was planning on watching the other kids and we decided I should still take him in...just in case.

So I did.

They looked at it and decided that the best thing to do was to get it lasered off and quickly before it had a chance to grow back. 

So they referred me to a laser specialist.

What a pain.

By this time Joey had moved to Arizona and I was husbandless.

It was a big production.

I had to farm the other kids out.

I had to drive all the way downtown.

I had to leave super early just in case.

I had to drug the poor baby up beforehand.

I had to fill out lots of papers and sit around in the waiting room for an hour.

Then I had to sit in the office for another half an hour.

Then the doctor came in.

Here is how the next 45 seconds went:

Doctor, "Well why don't we wait a few weeks and see if it grows back?"

Me, "Well I'm moving to Arizona in 9 days so I'd really like to get it taken care of today if we could."

Doctor: thinking how it is almost time for lunch says, "Well that gives you 9 days to see what happens, doesn't it?"

Now I'm trying not to cry. Cause when I am frustrated that is what I do. So I try another approach, "The doctor that referred me said it was already growing back and that is why he referred me to you to have it lasered."

Doctor, "Yeah. Let's wait and see what happens."

Me, "um...ok."

As the doctor leaves the room the nurse looks nervous and asks him how much to charge me for the visit.

He looks at her bewildered and says, "Just the regular consultation fee."

It has been 3 months since that visit.

And the angioma on Mr. Cash's head has been growing back slowly but surely for a little over 2 months.

And he likes to give open mouth kisses.

Luckily his hair has grown out since the weird little trim I gave him.

Did anyone notice that Joey got a haircut?!

Disclaimer:  That "consultation" fee will go toward the laser procedure but I have to go back downtown to his office in Salt Lake City.  But he did assure me that if it grew back after I had moved that they could give me an excellent referral in Arizona.


Elyse.Beard said...

doctors are stupid sometimes. I can't wait to see that little booger on his head again. YAYAY! It's coming up sooooonish!

Niki said...

O man, that is so sad:( I hope everything turns out ok. Poor little guy, I bet that was had to see him bleed.

Randi said...

I thought it had just disappeared. That is so dumb!! And I love baby open mouth kisses and Joey's hair cut!

Jessica said...

I noticed Joey's haircut on Sunday! I have never noticed Cash's "growth". What a big pain...but if you want a traveling buddy to go to Salt Lake with you, just let me know.

Luke Prince said...

That protuberance seriously grosses me out. If you do come up here, please let me know so we can visit.

patty said...

Since I am the haircut police, you know I would notice. I'm going to send Jerry down there about every 6 weeks. It worked like a charm.
That dumb Dr. better get his act together this time and fix that little head.

Loriannie said...

schedule it for the week after Thanksgiving since we will be there and I can watch the kiddos for you. I seriously trauma when I see the bloody Cash picture.

Nat said...

Grrr... I would be so mad! I hate it when doctors don't listen to moms. Seriously, we know our own children better than they do.

I hope everything turns out okay. Reese loves to give open mouthed kisses, too. I love it! :)

The Belnaps said...

good thing joey's not gonna be a laser dr..cuz they are lame-o. and the whole booger should have said "no but you have one hanging out your nose"..and have funin cedar for thanksgiving...

NatPalmer said...

It looks like a strawberry hemangioma. Evie has one on her neck, but hers is the kind that is flat and hasn't puffed out. (I don't know if you read the post about it on my blog a few months ago...) I've asked her pediatricans about it, but they just say to wait and see if it will go away on its own (because most do, I guess.) I'm okay with it for now but I worry about her being teased when she's older. That stinkin' doctor should have done what you requested in the first place! It's a different story when it actually affects your baby when he rolls over or scratches it! At least he has an adorable head of hair to cover it up. :) We get weird stares/questions all the time about Evie's neck. (I'm so used to it, I hardly notice it any more!) Okay, long comment over.

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