Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Utah is COLD

Since we couldn't make it to Hawaii for Thanksgiving this year with the rest of the Carlson clan I thought I might finally have to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner.
But Joey's aunt Lori graciously invited us to their feast in Cedar City.
Joey couldn't make it because his first final was the monday after Thanksgiving.

But we ditched him and went anyway.

He was invited by a study groupie to his Grandma's house.

That's how I would have felt at least.
But Joey never feels awkward.

And he loves to flirt with old women.
And he didn't have to eat a turkey made by me.

I didn't get a SINGLE picture except with my camera phone.
AND of other people and their children.

This is Lori and Brian's newest grandbaby, Austin.
She was blessed while we were there and I couldn't resist a few shots of a sleeping baby in a living room with perfect lighting.

Gwen lost her third tooth while we were there.  Nana pulled it out and I was so sad that I missed it AGAIN!

But then she lost her other front tooth a few days later and I got to pull it out. 
Yay! Now Gwen has another memory with me besides just getting yelled at.

We got to spend a little time with my parents and my sisters in St. George. They all thoroughly spoiled us and sent us home with a trunk load of Christmas presents.  I still haven't bought a single gift.  I better get started.

We had tons of fun in Cedar City.  I felt a little awkward for a tiny little second when I realized that it was the whole Whitney/Tavoian/Beard clan plus me and the kids.  But there was nowhere I'd rather be.  They have always been so good to us and treat us like they like us. And that is hard to come by.

We did a super super quick family photo shoot. But that will have to wait until Cash goes down for another nap today.

Then we headed to South Jordan where we had less than a day to pack our whole house and get it in storage.  My mom spent way too much money on packing supplies and came up to help out.  My brother Luke and his pregnant wife came over and watched the kids while I helped my mom spend her money.  Joey's aunt Susan came over early and just completely saved the day.  She pretty much packed the house all by herself and some of us helped a little.  Her husband came over after work and got busy helping. Joey's uncle Mark came with a trailer and hauled it all to a storage unit for me.  I think he took 100 trips.  I felt pretty dumb about the whole thing, but mostly just so GRATEFUL for such wonderful family!  My cousin Ryan drove all the way from St. George to help out and my sister came to help me clean the next day.  And of course my "teenagers" Kayleigh and Viva whisked the kids away and I didn't even have to worry about them.


This was the kids on the trip back to Utah. 
This was taken before we realized that my evil GPS took us on a long and windy scenic route.
I hate her.
Cash learned a few weeks ago that he loves to hear the sound of himself shrieking.
The sound of Cash shrieking makes Gwen sob uncontrollably.
Max has a teeny tiny bladder.  And he takes his shoes off promptly after getting into the car.
And throws them places. Never to be found again.
This makes gas station clothing changes more difficult than they should be.

To make things so much worse I overheard someone at the counter at McDonald's say, "Syphilis, the gift that keeps on giving..." just as the girl handed us our food out the drive-thru window.

Of course we all got stomach aches and the kids got carsick.

I hope that's all we got.

When Max was feeling considerably carsick with his window rolled down he said, "MMMOOOOOOMMMMM........why didn't you just say no?" (Referring to McDonalds).

It was the worst ride of my life.

(That probably isn't true. We went on lots of van rides to remote places growing up.)

Meet our sad little Christmas tree.

But it was so easy to put up and the clean up will be just as nice.

Have your kids ever puked in your car?
Have you ever puked in the car?
Neither have ever happened to me, but I can see it in my future. 
So tell me how to deal with it?
Well enough screaming ensure that it never happens again?


Andrea said...

Jayden does the whole "take the shoe off and throw it into a black hole" thing. It makes Dustin crazy. I don't know how many times he has gotten Jayden out of the car and set him down in the mud or snow... Great parenting going on around here.

Luke Prince said...

You didn't like our van trips to remote places? Those were some of my fondest memories. But I suppose I was probably a whiny little puke. So that's probably what made it un-enjoyable.
We didn't help too much with your whole moving experience. 30 minutes of watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends with your kids can't really be considered baby sitting.

Jessica said...

Love your tree!! That picture of the new baby is so stinking adorable!! And I am so glad you are back from Utah!!

The Belnaps said...

That is seriously the saddest christmas tree ever..you have to at least go buy a fake little one :) And sorry about the car trip..my kids are the worst travelers ever..i blame it on the fact that we never go anywhere. Seriously screaming and crying the whole time..so don't ask me. we do have a tv in the burb aka suburban which helps a little but Chloe is too little and she is a crying mess...crying right now as i type..blah!

Elyse.Beard said...

it totally wasn't awkward. I loved that you guys were there. That picture of austyn is so cute. and your christmas tree is sad. that is all.

Shauntel said...

J.R. was a chronic car puker. It sucked bad. Any time I had to go to the hospital in Price I always got one of those blue plastic barf bags. I have one in the consol of my truck at ALL times. There is nothing worse than trying to clean puke up when you have nothing. I would pack a grocery sack full of old towels and other grocery bags for him to puke in and put the gross towels in. He gets the car sickness from me, but I haver never thrown up in the car.

Shauntel said...

Oh and you're lucky you were only in So Jo for a short time. I need pics still and I would have sent hate mail to you if you were here for an extended amount of time!

Brena and Brendan said...

What a trip Suzy, I think traveling with kids is HARD!!! But I am so glad you had so much help to get you moved! So are you living in Utah now? Anyway, last week Brexton puked in Brendan"s truck on the way home from our Thanksgiving trip:( Luckily we had to pack so much for our trip that we had to drive separate. So Brendan had to clean it all up while I unpacked us! He used water and a shot vac. Then lots of lysol and fabreeze. SOOOOO disgusting!

Randi said...

This conversation is making me feel like throwing up...

Seth and Peggy said...

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth..." Someone else probably said that but I'm going to pretend they didn't anyway. YES oh my heck we have had carsick kids (MACIE). Once Macie barfed, then Kallie saw it and barfed, then Macie leaned outside and did it again, and Kallie got a wiff of it and did it again. It was way fun. I was nursing Ivy at the time and just kept yelling "get out of the car! get out of the car!" And hello we have a 3' fully decked out tree if you want to like stick it on your counter or somewhere it won't get destroyed by a small child. :)