Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Belated Secrets

I whipped this up as we were heading out the door for Utah a lot of weeks ago.

(It was a crazy few days of packing and nails in tires and well...I think that is enough to make things crazy.)

I copied it to dropbox so that I could upload it from Joey's laptop once we reached our destination.

After we made it to Utah, I powered up the trusty old laptop to find a blank screen.

We can hear it thinking very loudly, but there are no lights on in that head.

Soooo.....here is our last minute - now late - digital only - Christmas card.

 This was a rough year for getting things done.
(every year is a rough one for accomplishments when you are L-A-Z-Y)



This year we had a super thoughtful SECRET SANTA.

We were never quick enough to catch them.
BUT since I have almost NO friends and our first gift was an apartment perfect, toddler proof, little Christmas tree AND the only people who could know about our SAD SAD little ribbon Christmas tree are people reading my blog, I thought I would send out a big giant THANK YOU from here to our sweet secret SANTA.

This may seem as belated as our Christmas Card, but we got out last delivery just tonight, so I thought it would be appropriate.


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Jessica said...

Your card is so cute!