Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mr. Cash is ONE!

We were a little scared of the slide this time.

This is how he looked all day.  Not very excited.

He loves being able to walk  where he wants and to not always be stuck in a stroller.

I might need to dig out Max's old leash though.  This one likes to cross the street.
 There was a nice game of tag on our way back to the car.

And of course someone always has to cry when you play tag.
It usually isn't this one though.
 Here's the story behind these two pictures.

It was easier to black it out than actually photoshopping it to make it look good.
I'm not going to lie.  I'll tell you what it's hiding.

But I thought your imagination couldn't possibly be worse than the reality that these pictures tell.

There are specific people that I was afraid of seeing the truth...Patty, Kelly and Jessica.
(Jessica is one of my AZ friends.  And she has spotless baseboards.  Seriously.  I heard a story the other day about another girl PAINTING her baseboards because she knew Jessica was coming the next day.  It made me extra nervous.  As if it wasn't bad enough that Max licks his hands right in front of her when she gives me cooking lessons. And I live in a little apartment that barely holds us and all of our things and is impossible to keep clean.  And once I grabbed an already unwrapped straw for my drink at the movies. There were a few people horrified by that one.  The last thing I need is for her to see my dustmites.)

So this is what I'm hiding.

a crooked tv supported by a paperback book, a garbage bag hanging on a door, lots of dust and lost toys hiding under the end tables, an unswept floor, zebra masking tape in the middle of the living room that we use to mark how far back the kids need to stand when playing the kinect, gwens knee, a mess of cords, unfolded laundry. (And this is only what you see the second you walk into the apartment.  Can you imagine what we hide behind closed doors?)

 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my sister Emily, my mother in law Patty and my friend Jessica for buying Cash some presents for his first birthday.  

He didn't get any from us.  

Emily sent her package priority a week early just to be sure it made it in time!
She sent practical things like dishes and food and he was seriously so excited.  He looks studious rather than excited in the pictures, but he was feeling a little under the weather. 
Patty sent an awesome dump truck that even makes sounds and it was instantly his new favorite toy.
And Jessica picked out a super cute really what was left for me to buy him?
Thanks guys!!

I'm not sure where my head was at for this birthday, but thankfully Joey has a good head on his shoulders and remembered to buy a cake and candles and even went all out and got birthday hats!

 See how much Gwen loves him?  The very next picture on my camera was of Max looking at him the exact same admiring way. 

 And we finally got some smiles after two photo shoots and a day at the park.
Cake always wins.


 This was making us all laugh.  He was just sticking his face right in there.  Once he realized that he could make us laugh he didn't even take the time to get his face all the way to the cake, which made us laugh even more.

I have successfully raised a precious precious spoiled rotten little man in only 1 year.  

How long do you think it will take to undo a whole year?

Also....if you haven't taught your baby to fall asleep on his own by this time...what do you do?

Did I mention I live in an apartment?  And this little guy is seriously so spoiled that he will cry for hours if needs be just to prove that he is in charge.

How can you take a bottle away under these circumstances?

Did I also mention that he shares a room with us?

HELP!!!  Is there a revised babywise edition for fixing children??

And one more thing on my mind...does anyone have a copy of Parenting with Love and Logic they can send my way?


Elyse.Beard said...

Oh. My mom has a love and logic book. Trust me.

The Belnaps said...

Oh my heck..i have 5 kids and still can't do the sleep thing..mags is 2 and still sleeps with us and when chloe wakes up i feed her in bed so I can sleep.. i am terrible. If you figure it out, let me know.
PS..Cash is a stud and I can't believe he is 1!

Jessica said...

WHO PAINTED THEIR BASEBOARDS???? Are you kidding me? I am NOT that clean! Only in my dreams! you are silly!! Love little Cash!

Nanette said...

Happy Birthday to him! I can't believe he is one. Don't feel embarrassed about your house. In pretty much all of the pictures I have of my kids there is so much clutter and mess around them. I can't wait until they are older and I can have nice things again. As far as getting Cash to sleep... my kids never sleep good when they are in the room with me... as soon as they sleep in their own room than we all sleep better.... even if it means sticking them in the hall. We did that once with Ethan... don't tell anyone. :)

Hunter Ann said...

So cute Suz!! Miss you guys, and that I couldn't see this one grow up!

Emily P said...

I love all the pics of that sweet boy! I wish I could have been there to celebrate!

Emily P said...

I love all the pics of that sweet boy! I wish I could have been there to celebrate!

kellyrass said...

I love that you included me in the cleaning Nazi crowd. I have everyone fooled!!!! Happy birthday to Cash - I didn't even try to send his present. It will just sit here in a bag until I see you again. He will never know what he's missing!! PS- Cash looks so much like Joey at that age.