Thursday, February 02, 2012

What a day

As I type this at 2:03 (pm) I am still wearing the clothes I slept in, with the sleeve of my shirt partially rolled up to conceal baby snot.  Mr. Cash is feeling a little under the weather and so the rest of us are miserable. He is not a lay on the couch and watch cartoons when you are sick kind of boy.

When he woke up from his nap I wanted to cry.

Because he is one.

And he walks.

And has little hands like a raccoon.

He likes to get into the garbage.

Just like a raccoon.

And just like every other 1 year old on the planet.

So I started a bath.

Nothing else can contain him.

And then I started the washing machine.

Because Joey had a 3 a.m. wakeup call when the little person (not me) who snuck into his bed peed. all. over. him.

Unfortunately for me, Joey sleeps with 5 pillows and 2 blankets.

Fast forward who even knows how long... (Maybe 30 minutes)

I am listening to the washing machine, trying to decide if it is time to put in the fabric softener.

I am also listening to the one year old grunting and trying to decide if he is quite finished so that I can change him. (But secretly hoping that he grunts a few minutes longer because I just don't feel like it!)

And I've completely forgotten that I turned on the bathtub.

Max runs past me as fast as he can to the bathroom.

(This morning Max discovered that Joey left his ipad at home.  This has never happened before.  And Max is fully taking advantage of his alone time with Zombie Farm.  No time for bathroom breaks.)

And then we all remembered about the bathtub when we saw the water seeping out into the hallway, headed for our bedrooms.  


I guess I have more laundry to do now.

And I've never been so glad to be on the bottom floor of an apartment building.

Karma was sick of waiting for me to mop the bathrooms I guess.

(Does Karma care about things like that?)

Now please tell me what a crappy and unproductive day you are having...

And what you are making for dinner out of the meager ingredients in your cupboards?

And maybe just throw in a dumb mistake you've made recently...


Stay tuned for pictures of the baby's 1st birthday.


Niki said...

And some people say being a stay-at-home mom is easier than going to work every day. LOL

Elyse.Beard said...

I'm not making dinner tonight. How's that? And I haven't for oh so long.

Also, I sleep in until 11 every day and never get ready. But that can be our little secret. I'm a lazy piece of Shiz. It's like whatever.

Miss you guys!!

Cheryl said...

well my one year old sounds just like yours :) the garbage can now sits outside the back door (very inconvenient). but mine cries ALL DAY...unless of course he's sleeping. and in the last month he has literally passed out 6 times from crying so hard. his doctor said it's called "breath holding spells" and 5% of children do it. lucky me. he cries this hard for really lame walking into the bathroom to help kendall go potty, changing his diaper etc. the only time he doesn't cry is if i'm holding him. so basically nothing ever gets done. i don't even make dinner anymore because he won't let me. sometimes i just let him cry but after 30 minutes i just can't listen to it anymore. don't mom's have it good :) in all seriousness though, i love being a mom most of the time.

Luke Prince said...

What a day indeed!
I'm sorry to read about all your negative Karma. You must have secretly done something bad, Suz. At least you don't have real raccoons in your house. Then all your babies would have rabies. Maybe.
Do you wanna hear about my day?
It just started. (3pm)
My dogs almost peed their pants.

dancin' momma said...
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dancin' momma said...

I started the day off by bashing by four month olds head on the door frame, which may or may not have resulted in a meltdown. (By me, not him). Then my 3 year old told me I was lame because I didn't make her breakfast every morning like her friends mom did. That was followed by me thinking it would be a great idea to spray paint a crib. With the wind blowing. And then my 5 year old informed me that the new lenses in her glasses make it so she can't see anything. So what did I do? I locked myself in the bathroom and ate some nutella straight out of the jar. I have no shame.

Jessica said...

That is what the flossing was from?!?!! Oh no! What a day! So sorry, hope your night is better! Xoxo

Nat said...

I've got sick kids, too. I didn't even shower until 11:30 because that's when little man FINALLY went back to sleep. He woke up just as I turned on the shower and I almost swore. I didn't make dinner last night, either. SO thankful we had our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet!! :)
Congratulations on getting your floor mopped!