Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arizona is getting HOT HOT HOT...

And here are some things we enjoyed while the weather was PERFECT!

 A few weeks ago I went to tuck Gwen in and saw this.
We got a good laugh.

The boys and I happened upon this while we were staying at the Marriott in Scottsdale with the Carlson clan.  Gwen refused to participate and locked herself in the room.  

I had trouble keeping an eye on Cash.

He loved this guy.

 He started poking it though.  Really hard.  So I had to take him away.

This little guy almost licked the back of Max's legs.

I was surprised at how much both of the boys loved all of these horrible horrible creatures.
My children are afraid of anything that moves or makes noise. 
Fearless Cash must be toughening up Max.

This was at an Easter thing at the WigWam resort by our house.  
Gwen really wanted a picture with Governor Brewer. 
This was as close as we got.

 Mr. Cash is so sweet and loves to give hugs.

We are spending lots of time at the pool.
Once a few weeks ago Joey got to come too!!

This picture makes me laugh. Every. Time.


Randi said...

That snake is freaking me out.

Jessica said...

That last pic of Cash is awesome!

Shauntel said...

Is that what I need to do to help JR be tough..have another baby? Not going to happen.