Friday, June 15, 2012

Soopa LONG and boring....

Okay, let's hurry through the traumatic storytime so I can get to the real point of this post.

A few days ago I put Cash down for a nap. 

He slept for a long time. 

It was almost time to pick Gwen up from school and he was still sleeping.

(Yes....she is still in SCHOOL!! Today was finally her last day and she goes back on July 30th!! Is Arizona crazy or what?! Do other states start that early?  It is hard to get used to.  July 30th is summertime.)

So I just got out of the shower and didn't bother getting ready cause I was going to take the kids swimming after we retrieved Gwen.  So I am in a swimsuit with wet stringy pinkish hair and I decide to  check on Cash before I throw on a coverup and shoes.

I crack open his door and I see his foot twitching like a puppy having a good dream.

I thought that was so cute, so I opened his door the rest of the way to see if he was also smiling during this wonderful dream he was having.

But alas, he was not having a dream...he was having a seizure.

And I had a heart attack.

I would say it is hands down the scariest thing that has happened to me thus far in my longish life.

He wouldn't wake up.  

His lips were turning blue.

I remembered that this same thing had happened to my sister a few years ago so I called my mom and sister in California...yep...they were on vacation.  Sorry guys.

Next time I should probably call 911 first.

Also next time I should probably drive straight to the ER instead of insta-care.

Or I should call 911 and just let the dang ambulance come so that I don't have to strap my sweet listless baby into his carseat.  At one point in our drive I freaked out a little a lot because I thought he was going to bite his tongue clean off.  Poor Max is probably a little traumatized by the whole event.

I have an AMAZING friend who rushed over to pick up Gwen.  Seriously in my brainless state I was trying to decide if I should go pick Gwen up first and then take Cash to the ER so that I wasn't late picking her up. 

So...that's all.  Joey rushed home from school and got to the ER before I was even done filling out the papers.  Cash is fine.  Apparently it was from a high fever.  He was perfectly well when I put him down for his nap, but they tell me that he has a touch of pneumonia.  So.....let's keep an eye on that.

That soaking wet spot was from when his fever broke.

The ER was terrible.  Joey went back to school and Max went to my same AMAZING friends house while we sat and had tests and mostly sat for almost 5 hours in the ER.

He had chest xrays.

They took some baby pee using a baby catheter.

They put an iv in...for no reason I later learned.  They ended up just taking it out a few hours later.

He had blood taken.

He got a gatorade that will probably end up costing me $20.  And he wouldn't drink it.

Now I can hear the kids movie ending and I think I'm too tired to talk about the dirtball nurses who were talking loudly at the nurses station while I sat in a room with a curtain door and no tv and no book to read and a dead phone and a sleeping baby.  I wished I could rip my ears off a few times.  

I can't repeat the first conversation I overheard.  Not even parts of it.  It was that bad.

But it segwayed into talk of the novel SHADES OF GREY. (gray?? I never know which is right.)

I obviously read and enjoyed Twilight and it's sequels.  So I'm not judging, just correctly interpreting.

I might have read Shades of Grey had I not stumbled across this impromptu book club at the ER nurses station.  

I wish I could tell you ANY of the things that were said.  But the things that came out of those nurses mouths sounded like things I would hear from dirty mean boys in high school trying to purposely disrespect any female within earshot.  (You know the kind of boy I mean....I bet a specific disrespectful lad popped into all your heads. From your own experiences I mean....I'm not saying we all know the same specific terrible boy.)

Oh wait....I can tell you one thing that I heard....SPOILER ALERT! (No, I was not given the same consideration)  You WILL cry at the end of the first book.  And after what he does to her you will feel her pain and you won't even want to talk to your husband for a week.

Maybe I was in a bad mood a little bit to top it off.

If you are so lost right now and have no idea what Shades of Grey is or what I'm talking about....sorry.

If you do....have you read it? 

 I know some girls who have....totally not judging. 

But WHAT in the world?

Please tell me what this book is about.

Is there a storyline?

Finally the inappropriate convo turned to DATING.

It seemed humorous to hear a bunch of ladies talk like sailors and then switch right over into romance.

Okay...I know I sound totally judgmental right now.  I'll admit it.  I was judging.  It made my head hurt.  And it made me glad that I am married.  Because dating is miserable.

And so is getting ready everyday.

Sorry Joe.

And it made me miss my weird kids.

So PLEASE tell me...

Have your kids ever had fever seizures?

If so....did it happen more than once?

(Please just lie and say no.)


Lukas said...

Suzy! That sounds extremely terrifying! I hope everything is alright with that little dude! You'll have to let me know. And give me some pointers on how to avoid that.
Come visit soon!

Emily P said...

I just want to cuddle with that little cutie. Daymon never had another seizure so maybe Cash will be fine. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Emily P said...

I just want to cuddle with that little cutie. Daymon never had another seizure so maybe Cash will be fine. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

slp said...

It used to happen to Cash's Poppy on a regular basis until about age 5. Freaked out the whole family every time. As I got older, I could feel it coming on.

Randi said...

I want to cuddle him too! Poor guy, I would have freaked out. This reminds me of the time Joey's throat was closing up and he called Kelly instead of going to the ER.....funny now.

Elyse.Beard said...

FREAKY! Poor little guy. And you. Hope he's feeling better! I would have died!

Lori said...

Oh that is the scariest thing ever. You handled it so well. I think I would have crumpled to the floor in a useless mess. Love your blog Suzy and I do not dare read that book after just reading the inside front of the book. There are so many good books out there to read it would take a lifetime. We love and miss you so much :(


WHOA!! Scary Stuff!
Glad he's doing good now and I hope it NEVER happens again!
Sorry for your crappy ER stay.

DD said...

Todd will tell you it was the scariest thing ever. (I tried to call you the other day)
We had to stay in the hospital for 3 days.
It was horrible! They out grow them and are common.

Sarah said...

Suzy- I love you! Sorry for your scary experience. I don't know much about seizures, but I am praying for you that it doesn't happen again. As for the book- have never read it, but I have a friend that started to read it and she said it was totally an erotic novel... I guess there was really no point to me telling you that.

The Belnaps said...

holy must have been inspired to go check on him..imagine what might have happened if you didn't..and i always wonder how i would react in an emergency situation..probably not as good as i think i that is my spiritual onto other matters. My friend read shades of grey..she says if you want to have great sex then you should read it..have not heard anything else but i guess it's explicitly graphic..and I also hate getting ready every day. i could do so many other things in that 45 min...glad cash is doing better..good luck

Niki said...

Poor little guy!