Saturday, June 23, 2012

Such a Handsome Chimp

This morning while I was packing up the bathroom I overheard this conversation in Gwen's room.

Gwen: "Max do you think he is so so handsome or do you think he looks like a chimp?"

Max: "I think he is handsome."

Gwen: "I think he looks like a chimp....but I guess on the twenty dollar bill he is kind of handsome."

Max: "He is a kind of handsome chimp....what's a chimp?"

 We are moving to the East side on Monday. 

Uprooting the kids again....we keep hoping it will bring them closer together.

Any new or original parenting advice?  Let's here it.  I need help.  Always.


Jessica said...

Hey! Oh my goodness, i just love that story! So funny! :) After taking my parenting class i learned that when parents are around siblings fight more often. This is mostly because they are competing for parents' attention and want to get the parent on "their" side. My professor said it is better to let siblings resolve their own problems and only get involved if someone is going to get seriously injured. We watched videos from hidden cameras of parents and children together and then of the children alone. the kids were a lot meaner and fought a lot more when the parent was there. the siblings were actually realy nice to each other when they were alone! that's all i have for now :)

Kikal said...

Well, now that we have a garage I threaten the kids that I'll make them sleep in there (with the heat and spiders and the ominous "bad guys") if they wake up Harley. It hasn't proven effective, so don't try it. That's all my advice for today.