Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cry Baby

I have lots of good stories and pictures coming your way, but I thought I'd start out with the one requiring the least brain power and the most complaining.

Because I realized today as I was loading the kids in the car that I was supposed to be volunteering in Max's class today.  And I hadn't showered.  Or gotten dressed.  Or even washed my face the night before. 

And then the lady who watches Cash while I volunteer texted to tell me that she can't watch him today. 

And my super clean friend is coming to see our house for the first time tomorrow.

And I have a scout meeting tonight.

So here is the speed version of a story that I could talk your ear off for hours about...if I wasn't out of minutes on my phone.

My washer broke.  It has been in storage for a few months, so who knows what went wrong.

I called a repair place.

They sent someone out the same day.

He told me what part it needed and said that he would call me and tell me a price.

He didn't.

Two days later he showed up to replace the part. (I DID pay an $80 service fee the first time he came which I was told would go toward the cost of repairs.)

AFTER he replaced the part he told me that it would be $275. 

Less the $80 service fee.

Or course.

He told me it was working and we were all set and he left.

I put in a load of laundry and water sprayed everywhere.

I called the repair place again.

I texted the repairmanboy. (Who really was super nice and respectful)

Two days later he came back.

But only in response to my text...the office had never mentioned my still non working washing machine to anyone!

He said he would go find the needed part and call me with a price.

This time he did.

The part was $300 with no guarantee that after he replaced it that I would have a working washing machine.

Ahhhh....I could feel the tears coming on.

I don't remember what I paid for my washing machine, but I KNOW I could replace it for less than $575!

I called the office again.

I explained my dilemma and they told me that they would call me back.

They didn't.

I called again and had to tell my story to someone new who promised to have a manager call me.

A manager called me but had no idea why he was calling so I explained my dilemma again.

This was my dilemma:

On their website not only do they 100% Guarantee your satisfaction, but they promise to tell you all needed repairs and an approximate cost on their initial visit.

There is an $80 service fee and if you decide to have them do any repairs that goes toward the cost of repairs. 

If I had been told on the initial visit that I was looking at $575+ for repairs I would have politely declined and paid the nice boy his $80 service fee.

But now I have paid $275 and a broken washing machine.

So the manager tells me he is going to look into it and will call me back.

He leaves me a message later to call him back.

I call back but it is a cell phone with a full voicemail.

So I call back again...and again...and again.

Finally someone answers, but it isn't the first manager I talked to.  So I retell my story. 

Now if you know me, you will know how nice I am to strangers.  Maybe not to the important people in my life, but I have all the patience in the world for strangers. 

I didn't raise my voice, I didn't act annoyed, I was sweet and respectful.

But "T" was mean.

He told me that he didn't break my machine...blah blah blah....all the things you would expect from someone who has no customer service skills.

I told him that I was trying to have integrity here and I wasn't asking for a full refund.  I agreed to pay the $80 just like I would have if the service call had gone the way it is guaranteed to go on their website.

Finally I said that my biggest concern now is that my husband will be home soon and I would like to get it resolved before that happens so that no one has to get yelled at on the phone.

He said that if someone calls to yell at him that he will just be done with the whole thing and hang up.

I was trying to make a joke about Joey being in law school and how hanging up on him will in no way be an end to the matter because around our house lately, everything is about the law.  But before I could get three words out of my mouth "T" is SCREAMING at me.


He tells me that now I've gone and done it and now he is done with one threatens him...blah blah blah.

I was getting flustered and he repeated over and over that he didn't care if my husband was the Pres. of the United States of America at least 5 times.

I finally told him that no matter the situation, I had been treated with respect all day until him and that I was treating him with respect and I would appreciate the same in return.

I can never understand why people will only help you if you YELL or cry like a baby.

So I calmly asked him to see what he could do for me and call me back when he had a solution.

I got off the phone and immediately started bawling.

So of course he would call me right back.

I couldn't get it under control that quick so he could tell that I was upset and crying and GUESS WHAT??

He immediately treated me with respect and apologized and we came to an less than 2 minutes. 

I hate that.

I can't make myself cry 90% of the time and I only yell at my family.

Anyway, it's been a few weeks, definitely longer than the 10 business days that I was promised. 

So I had Joey call.

And they hung up on him.


So tell do you get your way?  Yelling or crying??


slp said...

I didn't know your washing machine was still broken while I was there or I would have worked on it!
You need to follow your Grandpa Prince's example and go to their office and calmly inform any potential customers about the shoddy treatment you received. Also, make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau (or at least call "T" and threaten him with that). If you don't get taken care of by them, please let me know and I'll come there on a weekend and fix the washing machine.

Emily P said...

Suzy has a good memory because this is exactly how she told me the story when it first happened! Sorry the problem is not resolved yet......but you are a good storyteller. Maybe you should start sleeping in a fresh pair of clothes for the next time you forget you are volunteering. Your life stresses me out.

Elyse.Beard said...

oh, definitely yelling. always yelling.

though I did cry on purpose once when i was pregnant, and it totally worked to my advantage. I have a lot to learn.

The Belnaps said...

I would totally take the high road and put their company all over fb and twitter and tell your story..and then send them an email with the link and tell them you have like a million followers so they are basically screwing themselves..because i am prim and proper like that :) Seriously, I am so sorry and as soon as Joey is an offical should totally sue the crap out of them..that guy just must hate life and his sorry job..i figure that's why people are such butts! good luck suzy!

Lori said...

What's that guy's number! I'm ticked!

Alicia said...

I think you should give us all his number and we can all call him and tell him to give you your money back. Wouldn't it be great to have people calling him from all over the nation? =) After 10 or so people have called, maybe he'll get the idea how important customer service is if he wants to have a job.

Nanette said...

That sounds so frustrating. I'm sorry Suzy. Crying usually works for me to get my way, but I only try to resort to that if I am overwhelmed or at my last resort. Other than that, I try to be respectful.

Nat said...

We've had some similar situations, and I didn't get my way until I cried and yelled. That's when they start listening.

I guess it's true when they say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Too bad, though.