Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clearance Blues

This wagon is ruining my day.

Last weekend we drove Gwen to a birthday party.

And it was really far away.

We didn't want to drive all the way home.

So we walked around Target for a few hours.

I found this wagon and it was on clearance for $68, originally $129.99

So I was thinking it would be a good Christmas gift for Cash but I have a hard time pulling the trigger on big ticket items, even if they are on clearance.

It annoys Joey.

So I didn't get it.

I thought maybe I would come back when the kids weren't watching my every move.

Afterall, this is not a present that can be hidden in the cart.

In the meantime I've been looking online and realized that this wagon isn't on sale anywhere else.

Sometimes Target just has killer random clearance deals.

So I planned to stop there on my way to take the kids to school.

But that never works out, does it?

Long story but when I did make it there, it was gone.

So I looked online to see if there was one at any of the other million Targets in the valley.

There were a few, so I called.

They were marked down to $30 today!!!

So of course they are all long gone.


Dang volunteer days!!

I bet if I had made it in before school I would have a killer deal stashed away in the garage for Christmas.

Run to your closest Target and stock up on mini fridges and school supplies.

At my Target this dry erase mini fridge is on clearance for $28 originally $100.

I got backpacks for the kids emergency kits for $5.

Notebooks for pocket change.

And this chair was on sale for $25.  Originally $80.

So tell me what killer deals you have found lately.....and someone find me that WAGON!!


Elaine said...

I hate it when that happens to me! I love that cool chair! I want one!

suzy said...

Elaine I lied....the chair was only $22! Want me to get you one?

suzy said...
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Nat said...

I want that chair, too, but I'm nowhere near a Target.

I just got a killer deal on boys coats on Amazon. They were originally $125.00 on sale for $22.00. So, naturally, I bought four of them. They didn't have one in the baby's size. Sadness.

Sorry you missed out on the wagon.