Thursday, September 06, 2012

Did you know...?

Did you know that if you are a Utah resident and you lose your drivers license that you have to walk into a DMV to get a copy?  You can't do it online.  You can't call someone and work anything else out.  This is inconvenient if you live out of state.

Did you know that to get an Arizona drivers license you must present your drivers license from your previous state of residence?  Also not convenient if you've lost your ID.

Did you know that in Maricopa county if your wallet gets turned into any Sheriff's office that they have to transfer it to property and evidence DOWNTOWN?  Even if it is turned into a sheriff's office an hour away from downtown.  Even if you could run over and pick it up from said sheriff's office in under 2 minutes?

Did you know that lost property is only transferred downtown once a week?  That is super inconvenient if your wallet gets turned in the day after a downtown transfer.

And did you know that to claim a lost wallet at the downtown Maricopa country property and evidence department you have to show your drivers license?  :\

So what if it is in your wallet that is in their possession??

They can't open it.

Even though they surely opened it and dug out your ID in the first place in order to track down your sister in Price Utah to determine your whereabouts.

But don't mention that.

Even as a last resort.

Mentioning that, even in the nicest possible way will irritate the girl on the other end and she will tell you that it is policy.  And then she will tell you again in a kind of mean voice that it is POLICY!

So what should you do if your wallet is being held at property and evidence and your ID is safely tucked inside the wallet which is sealed up inside an evidence bag that CANNOT be opened under any circumstances?

Well luckily I have a photocopy of my ID.  Unfortunately that is NOT an acceptable form of ID for property and evidence.

BUT...I can take that photocopy of my ID to a notary and appoint my husband as my POWER of ATTORNEY so that he can then go and pick up my wallet.

Unfortunately most notaries will also not accept photocopies of IDs.

But I found one who does.

But alas, did you know that even if you are far from home and a computer that your power of attorney statement must be typed?!!  Not just typed, but specifically created as a word document?  (I thought that was a little too specific.)  I feel like if I want to notarize something written on a napkin I should be able to!

Oh well...I guess we will deal with notaries and lost wallets another day.

But while I was there I decided to fax over a totally unrelated paper that needed faxing.

And then after all that trouble and card was declined.

Well, Joey's card because mine are all in my wallet...with all of my cash and change.


Who doesn't have a dollar and change on them?  Me. 

I'm ready to move again.

I am all for rules and regulations and policies...well at least for the sake of argument...but when did we lose the ability to use our brains that God gave us?  When did we lose the ability to think and reason and get the job done??!! 

So tell me.....




Emily P said...

Oh Suzy! Your life seriously stresses me out....I miss you!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Our Govt is so big. . . It has taken me a whole year to renew my teaching license to substitute teach this year. And I had to be fingerprinted (and pay $50-80 each time) FIVE times to comply with the different hoops I had to jump through. It is ridiculous.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Our Govt is so big. . . It has taken me a whole year to renew my teaching license to substitute teach this year. And I had to be fingerprinted (and pay $50-80 each time) FIVE times to comply with the different hoops I had to jump through. It is ridiculous.

Layne Prince said...

Ether works wonders on any smell and is way too easy to make.

Also orange oil or any other such oil should in theory take smoke smell and mutate it into something more bearable but I haven't personally tried orange oil. I have tried ether to great success. For cloth, wood, and laminate furniture.

slp said...

I've heard that vinegar works for smoke smell removal.
Just blame the rest on Obama and the Democrats! (Not that they're to blame, it's just nice to have a whipping boy.)

Randi said...

That is ridiculous! Seriously that would make me scratch someone's eyes out....can you do that? Jackson sat through the whole notary class. I don't know if he took the test because at the very end of the class they told him he couldn't notarize anything for family. What is the point in that? I hope you get your wallet back. You've had a lot of bad luck lately. I think you need to just move back to good old Utah already!

Niki said...

What an adventurous life you have:). This makes me happy to have a life that is pretty plain but I have 2 children to make it a little hectic every ONCE in a while:). Can't wait for your next post!!!!

Kikal said...

Bill Clinton's speech left me baffled. And my neighbor that comes over and says really judgmental condescending things in a sweet that somehow that makes it better?!?! Sorry about the suckiness of government paperwork and insanity. I'm paying cash to have my baby at a birthing center next to my house just so I don't have to go to an army hospital...for free... far away and deal with all of their crap and paper work. I hate talking to the government. Ever.

patty said...

I think I have the solution for your (Arizona) police/government dilemma: Can you speak with an Hispanic accent? Your problem is that you are a legal,law abiding, tax-paying resident of the U.S.