Thursday, September 06, 2012

School Shmool

To get a background on my crazy schooling can read this.

But since I tend to get a little chatty I won't go into my past homeschooling adventure and how much I loath how long traditional school days are.

So we moved to Gilbert.  For the sole purpose of enrolling our children at a school that offers a half school day not only for kindergarten but also for the higher grades.

My kids didn't get in, but they DID get into a really good school that emphasizes leadership and BONUS....they did offer half day kindergarten.

So we rented a house.

My plan was that if I got into the other school we would just transfer the kids.

And then they did get in.

And I realized how LONG the city of Gilbert is.

And I google mapped the school.

And figured out that I would be in the car every single day for a total of 3 hours....IF I didn't hit any traffic. (This is mostly because my kids wouldn't be going at the same time since I have a kindergartener. So I would be making 3 trips)

So I cried a little and tried to figure out how I could make it work.

And then I learned that they have another campus a little closer to my house and it ended up working lots better because they have a program that makes your kindergarteners day match up with your other children.

So my kids go to school from 11-4.

And I am in the car a lot.

And I am a lot more responsible for their education.

Which turns out to be a lot more work than I bargained for.

But I love it.

And one of my children has a lot better attitude about life now that she spends more time at home with her family.  (Lots better, but still pre teenager.)

It was 114 degrees outside on this day.  I tried to convince her to change. And that night we almost had to cut these boots off of her feet.  Her sweat was like GLUE!

We are required to volunteer a minimum of 80 hours at the school.

So I signed up for every volunteery thing I could do from home.

But when another mother offered to trade babysitting so that we could both volunteer in the classroom once in awhile I took her up on it.

Anyway, I got a little too volunteery and at the rate I'm going I will never have a clean house or clean laundry but I will have all my hours completed by next month. ;)

And now I am fully involved in my childrens academic failures.

And it is embarrassing.

Can we go back to public school....preferably one with a bus route?



slp said...

These pictures of my grandkids and their mommy are SO cute! Max looks like kindergarten really agrees with him.

Sarah Jo said...

Love it! You are such a great mommy and you have adorable kids!!!

Jessica said...

Move back here and they can do the bus together! My gas budget needs a break

Nanette said...

Wow. That sounds crazy! That's great that you are so involved in their schooling. I think I'm a bad parent, because I prefer my kids to be at school longer. :)

Anonymous said...
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