Saturday, October 20, 2012


Tonight was our church "trunk or treat". 
Gwen designed our trunk.  She wanted to do lots more with it, but I was lame.

Last year we decided AS A a unanimous vote that we would be the Avengers this year.  Gwen would be Thor, I would be Black Widow, Cash would be Hulk and Max and Joey would fight it out between Captain America and Iron Man.

So when it came time to start making our awesome kids turned LAME.

Gwen REALLY wanted to be a kitty and Max wanted to be a vampire!!  I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I quickly forbade it.  But cooler heads prevailed and Joey is a much nicer parent than I am.  He told them they could be whatever they wanted. 

And they stuck with super boring.

Halloween is the only thing we do well. 

 Remember this year?
 And this one?

 How about this year when the kids TRIED to sabotage our coordinating costumes and although they didn't all coordinate that well, they were still awesome...mostly.  What can I say....pregnancy is hard on Halloween.

Well we were totally lame last year.  Somehow I still made a few friends over there in Goodyear.  But this year we are in a new place again and ward trunk or treat with a totally coordinated and awesome halloween family was my chance to make an impression, make a few people laugh and make a couple of forever friends.

But we stuck with vampire and kitty. 

I decided instead to win friends by signing up to bring Chili.  Joey's cousin Elyse won an award last year at her trunk or treat for her chili, so I used her recipe.

But then today was one of those days where I  are running around and on edge all day and can't ever seem to calm down and relax and just as we were leaving a little late for trunk or treat...I yelled at Joey and left without him.  And then I went to the wrong building so that we were really late.  And then I had a hard time calming my nerves once we were there and had nothing else to be on edge about.

And that is never good for me.  It makes me nervous weird opposed to just plain ol weird chatty like I normally am.

I don't even want to remember all the dumb things I said to people tonight.  But afterward I just felt like I wanted to climb into bed and cry. 

And not go to church anymore.  

Here are some lame pictures.

My bishop did come and find me to tell me that my chili won first place in the chili cook-off.  That was exciting.  Until I had to tell them that they had the wrong crock pot.  Hahaha.


The Belnaps said...

i love you so much..and i miss you and your amaze balls halloween costumes! i wish i could have been to the trunk or treat to chat lamely with you as well...hope things are going good!

Niki said...

Seriously........ Just makes me laugh!