Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bad Parents

Our family all have long names...except Cash.
If Joey ever decides that he is too grown up to go by Joey, he can start going by Joseph.
So I was listening to a comedy station the other day and the it was stupid, but it was a bit about nicknames.
It got me thinking about how I named my child Cash. 
I like it.
And he is a cool kid and the name fits him well.
But what about when he isn't a toddler.
Or a teenager. (What about when he IS a teenager?!)

Then I soothed my parental guilt by thinking that at least he could go by his first initial and middle name if the need ever arose.

Then I said it out loud to Joey because I just realized after 2 1/2 years what we have done to our child.

C. Marriner

Say it out loud.

And then we laughed for a few minutes.

He's a cool kid.  He'll be alright. Right?

In related news....my mother in law sent me this link to an amazing blog post about how to be an awesome parent. 

They left out the part about naming.  Don't just go through the list of rhyming words. 

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kellyrass said...

Good old Mariner... Captain of the football team and ladies man!!