Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am feeling OVERWHELMED.

So I started tackling things on my to do list while Cash was napping.

(The other kids can take care of themselves at this point...Max can microwave a burrito better than I can now.)

My license is expired.

And I can't do traffic school until I fix it.

And I need my birth certificate to renew my license.

And to get a birth certificate I need a current license.

So that one has been on the back burner for awhile.

But as I'm plugging along making doctors appointments and talking to lots of goverment people, I decide that I can burn a cd for a client while I do my other things.

I put a cd in my disk drive and it won't go in.

I tried ejecting the cd in there even though I couldn't remember putting one in recently.

No luck, so I peek around the corner of my screen and there is a memory card sticking out of my drive.

Thanks goodness it was sticking out and I could just pull that sucker out before it ruined my life!!

But the cd still won't go in.

I can't see inside and I can only assume there is something else in there.

Fast forward a frustrating hour later I am sitting in the hallway with my computer trying to decide if I even have a warranty to void if I can find instructions on how to disassemble an imac and Cash comes sauntering into the hallway fresh from his nap.

I ask if he put anything in my computer.

He says, "OH YEAH!! I DID!!"

I ask what he put in there.

In the sweetie sweetest most innocent little voice he says, "Money Mom! It was a present! A present for you MOM!"  And I just had to kiss those soft little creamy baby cheeks.  Maybe it's time for another baby before I ruin this one for good.

Which reminds me....I should probably at least mention to him that it's naughty to shove money and memory cards and whatever other junk mom has lying around into little slots on her computer.

This boy is expensive.


Andrea said...

OH my heck, is he stinkin' cute though!!! Boys are a weird breed.

Randi said...

I need to see Mr. Cash soon!!! Him and Carson could do all sorts of bad things together.

Layne Prince said...

I agree, boys are a weird breed. At least you know he is thinking about you and loves you.

Jessica said...

Cute cute cute boy! That is a cute story but so maddening
When things like that happen