Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day is the worst

I hate Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Almost as much as I hate Father's Day.

If you appreciate the things a woman does for you,  show her and tell her all the time. Or at least as often as it occurs to you.  There's still no getting around these silly holidays. If a man doesn't make sure to bring his wife breakfast in bed and spoil her with gifts and flowers he will surely look heartless. But maybe if you could show her the other days of the year then the rest of us can stop being punished quite as much the day before these holidays. Surely no one is legitimately surprised by these recurring holidays. Why then are you jamming the aisles of every store buying ingredients for mothers day dinner,  every card aisle in every grocery store,  dragging your children to departments stores in the hope that they'll know better what to get a grown woman than you do?

I dread mothers day the whole week leading up to it. I try to be on my best behavior so that I can feel like less of a hypocrite when my children are praising me and singing songs about sweet mothers in church.

But I do love being a mother and I love my sweet children and my handsome, witty and forgiving husband. (Whatever love is. ..right?  ;) But either way,  I'm blessed and spoiled beyond belief.

So happy mothers day!  And good luck cleaning up the mess tomorrow. :)


Layne Prince said...

Cash looks so much like Joey :P

Steven Prince said...

I sure love seeing your beautiful smile!