Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thought Collecting

I just sent my two oldest off to school and put the baby down for a nap.  I'm going to tackle the breakfast mess and the months of summer mess in the next few days, but first thought I'd celebrate by talking about adult subjects with adult readers for a few minutes.  I've been talking about comic books and cartoons and legos and swimming pools since June.  So tell me your thoughts on some of the things that have been running through my mind.

Things that have been on my mind lately:

1. Guacamole.  I love it.  I have these cute neighbors who can cook.  And they have a blog.  It's the cutest cooking blog because it encourages you to let your kids help and even highlights the steps in the recipes that your kids can do.  Click here to check it out.  Awhile ago they posted about putting pomegranates in your guacamole and we've been obsessed ever since with trying weird things in our guac.  What are your best guacamole recipes?

2. Mothering and housewifery.

These are two things that I think are hard to do at the same time.  I've been struggling with patience ever since I brought a second child into the world.  Gwen was 2 and suddenly I expected her to be an adult and take care of herself or at the very least help out and help me take care of the baby.  Makes sense, right?  Not much of what I do or say or think makes sense.  I know every single mom whether they stay at home full time or work outside of the home, knows what I'm talking about.  Kids are hard, but then when you add the rest of life into the mix it's dang near impossible.  Every night when my innocent sweet children are lying in bed with their angel eyes closed I think of all the silly things I yelled about or was frustrated over.  I pray and I commit to doing better the next day.  And then their eyes open and their bodies start moving and dropping things and moving things and spilling things  and leaving every single thing they touch right where they needed it last and their mouths start saying and crying and whining the craziest things.  And all my resolve rushes out the back door that has inevitably been left open by a child who decided to take their breakfast into the backyard and spill it all over the patio furniture, shrugged their shoulders and run off leaving the mess right where it happened.

Here are a couple things I've been reading lately to help me set and reset and reset and my priorities. That last one I listen to sometimes daily. And this song just makes me want to love on my kids and appreciate every second of their lives.

3.  Abortion.

Here's what I KNOW.  I KNOW I can't change anyones mind about how they feel about pro-life vs pro-choice.  Ever since I posted about stay at home moms and it was somehow turned into a debate about stay at home moms vs. working moms, when really all I was trying to say was that clearly men and husbands are the enemy, not other women, I've been reticent to post anything controversial.  But I have decided that I need to quit being a pansy someday and not be afraid to say what I believe.  So it might as well be today.

I am not terribly opinionated.  I've always kind of felt like if we all leave each other alone, it'll be alright.  And because I know I can't change anyones opinion or make a difference, I just try to stay out of politics and morality, at least publicly.

But I am a very visual learner and when I watched the very first Planned Parenthood video I was horrified.  Suddenly it was real and not just a political talking point.  Talking about abortion is so impersonal and too sanitary almost.  You can disconnect with the reality of it while you discuss the percentages and argue the reasons.  But when you watch these videos and you see the fully formed precious baby legs and arms with toes and fingers and they are detached from the rest of the body, it jolts you into reality.  It makes you realize what is going on, and for what?  The mothers health?  Like I said, we can talk statistics and how low that one is on the actual scale of why abortions are performed.  That would be the strongest argument, but it isn't the reality.  What is the reality?  Selfishness.  Every reason I can think of comes down to selfishness.  And I think a disconnect from what is really happening, especially for a lot of the girls having this done.  I remember in college going with a friend to a clinic so that she could get the "morning after" pill.  She didn't know what she was doing.  She didn't look it up, she just blindly believed what she was told.  And she didn't want to know.  Sometimes we think if we are ignorant that we can't be held accountable and we can claim that we didn't know better.  But who is to blame when we had every opportunity to learn the truth and chose not to?  I know that is how I live my life most of the time. I don't want to know because I don't want to act and I don't want to be accountable for knowing and doing nothing.  I don't have all the links of what I've been reading lately to get better informed about the facts and procedures and science behind all of it because it's been weeks of studying  and googling, etc.

But look up the planned parenthood videos for yourself.  They are sad, but watch them.  Be informed.  Look up how birth control works.  I've purposely never looked into it too much and that is even more controversial and personal.  I just think it's important to know what we're doing to our bodies and make informed decisions.

I think I still stayed pretty vague and cowardly in my views, but I'll get there.

Go ahead and tell me your thoughts on guacamole, mothering, and abortion.  I've got more random summer thoughts where those came from.  

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