Friday, October 09, 2015

Jack & Jill photography

Don't you love this behind the scenes of my last family photo shoot?  Real life right there. ๐Ÿ˜จ That baby made me sweat.

Also after a 4 year semi hiatus I'm  kind of ready to jump back into a bigger work load. I haven't gotten my website up and going again because I'm lazy and I didn't love my last provider so I'm still comparing sites.

But I did set up a separate photography instagram. @jackheartjill

It's all been slow going because...lazy. And also I toyed with the idea of changing my business name and then decided after months of rebranding that it's a dumb name, but whatever.

I tried using thumbtack to drum up some business but it's freaking cutthroat out there. My advertising dollars would be better spent elsewhere.

Aaannnddd every time I move I worry about stepping on other photographers toes. Photography is weirdly but understandably really personal. It's competitive and there are lots of feelings. But this time the other photographer in my neighborhood just happens to be my friend and the sweetest girl ever,  so it's all good. @shalanalowder So go check her out and my new insta @jackheartjill and if I've taken your pictures in the past and they aren't on there, don't be offended,  it's me,  not you. Seriously, some of my old work is like "ahhhh!" But still,  no refunds. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But for real if I took your pics anytime in the last 8 years call me and I'll give you a discount. 435.896.7346 ✌

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The Johnsons said...

I love your work! I'm calling you next spring for family pictures!