Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Bad moms can teach too

My sweet little Cash Man just started kindergarten. 

When he started he could only recognize 2 letters.
He knew a lot more sounds but had no idea what the names of the words were.
He didn't know his ABC's.
I didn't realize how behind he was until we met his teacher for testing at the end of the summer.
I have a few friends who teach reading.  I talked to them and got some help and advice.
But the real problem isn't with his ability to learn, but more with my ability and willingness to TEACH.
I am impatient and I don't know how to get across to another brain what my brain knows.
Joey is good at that.
But he has a real job.

I tried a lot of things this summer but nothing was working like I wanted it to.

And then a cute little doll sized friend of mine told me about a book she used for her kids,


It's amazing.

Click on the title to buy it right now from Amazon.  It will change your life.

Within a week he had tripled the number of letters he could recognize.  

Ok...that wasn't hard since he only knew 2.  

The thing that makes it work for us when nothing else did is that it tells you in red writing EXACTLY what to say out loud to your child.  

I don't have to know what I'm doing.  

At all.  

It literally says, "Say this...."

My 12 year old can do the lessons with him.  

Anyone who can read can teach someone else to read.

I was excited to go to a parent teacher conference for the first time ever because I wanted to know what someone else was noticing who sees him and his progress as much as I do.

He still has a lot to learn and we are not even half way through the book.

But his little brain is so excited to be learning, he is like a SPONGE!

That sounds so much like a commercial.

It's not.

We just finished a reading lesson and I was so excited I thought I'd share it with the world.

Oh yeah...and school is a good supplement to the book.  ;)

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Jessica said...

We have this book for Sawyer! I've heard so many good things about it, when the time comes to start teaching reading I hope it will work as well as it did for you :)