Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Do you still blog??

First...if you're reading this on your phone will you just scroll to the bottom and click on the option to view web version? Please?

Ok....I'm updating this blog and I first want to update my friends and family list.

I'm clicking links to other blogs over on that sidebar and most peeps haven't blogged in years, obviously I get it. 

Some say I no longer have permission to see their blog...what gives?

Lots are just gone.  Poof...see ya.

There are a few who are still blogging and that is amazing to me. I've never had that much DEDICATION to anything.

So I would LOVE (meaning really appreciate and hold in high regard) anyone who would please comment and tell me your blog status.  

Never plan on updating again, just lazy like me, deleted, a new one I've never read, a new address and you didn't mean to block me from having permission to read.  

And I plan on spilling my guts over here more regularly like I used to.  So look around.  Give me some new blogging tips cause it's been awhile.  Click on our pics to see all of our current favorite things. Tell me your favorite blogs.  

And of course take a minute and re read my years old post on lazy stay at home moms where no one seemed to get the point that MEN are the enemy, not working moms vs. stay at home moms.  Men. Men are the enemy, not other women.  I love working moms. I love stay at home moms.  Women are better than men.  How did that not come across? Just joking...men aren't always the enemy.  But make sure to click the comments anyway to reminisce over all the mean things people felt the  need to say about a girl trying her best to raise good people who will someday contribute to society by sacrificing my best working years and any respect I could have ever hoped to get from society.  

Here are some Halloween pics.


Brady said...

I loved the costumes! And the resurgence of the blog.

I am trying to get Nicki to get back on the blogging train. We did a blog for a long time www.brammerbunch.blogspot.com but it is now neglected. Kudos for getting yours going again. I like the format and the thought required so much more than Instagram and Facebook.

btw, how did people not get what you are doing?

NatPalmer said...

I still blog. Usually once a month about what we did that month. After my grandma passed away last year (my #1 blog fan), I don't think anyone reads it any more! That's okay because it' mostly for my kids, who love to scroll through and look at the pics.

suzy said...

Some people...anonymous strangers just thought I was praising stay at home moms and saying working moms are terrible or something. I was defending stat at home moms but I didn't feel like I was doing it at the expense of working moms. Anyway, I'll have to blog stalk you and nick nack now.

The Johnsons said...

I'm still blogging. Never stopped. I don't scrapbook so it's my way of saving all my memories maybe one day I will print it and put it into a book.

Elyse said...

I only blog once in a while to do an update on my kids. I ain't got time for this anymore. I'm basically playing catch up from the last year so I can remember that my kids were once cute and we did stuff. So....that's where I stand. I hardly read other blogs anymore either...but I WILL make an exception for yours 😘